June 13, 2021

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moEVing – Bringing out a change in logistics vehicles


moEVing – Bringing out a change in logistics vehicles

Before getting into the article, let’s get to know about the pollution caused by the logistics sector alone in India. Improved logistics can bring about important environmental benefits. Currently, the share of CO2 emissions from logistics is around 7% of the total CO2 emissions in India, which will grow rapidly as “Make in India” is currently being implemented rapidly.

In Delhi, freight amounts to 67% of the total PM2.5 emissions from the transport sector, 61% of the total SO2 emissions from the transportation sector, and 62% of the total NOx emissions from the transportation sector. Converting Logistics and freight vehicles into electric leaves zero carbon footprint and it will also increase the demand for trucking services, Electrifying the logistics and freight services will help India to meet its international climate commitments while simultaneously reducing pollution in India’s most populated cities. The Government should take an initiative to bring out a change in the logistics segment.

Logistics vehicle

A Gurugram based start-up moEVing raises $1 Million, Started Operations in many cities. Most of the Automakers do not focus on the Electric version of bigger trucks which are used for freight operations and logistics operations. This moEVing is completely focused on B2B operations

The main objective of this start-up is to, Electrify freight and logistics vehicles. The vehicles they are currently focusing on are:

logistics vehicle

The company launched its operations in three major cities Delhi/NCR, Pune and Bangalore and it raised a funding of $1 Million in the first quarter. Many senior professionals from various private equity and investment banks and technology and mobile sectors have participated in the investment. Their aim is to bring out more than 1 lakh electric fleet by 2024.

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Also, watch the video here:

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