July 13, 2020

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MG Motors Partners Umicore for recycling used Li-ion batteries 

MG Motors Partners Umicore for recycling

MG Motors Partners Umicore for recycling used Li-ion batteries

MG Motors India Pvt Ltd announced its partnership with Umicore, a lithium battery recycling solutions provider for effective life cycle management of the lithium-ion batteries to be used in the e-ZS electric vehicle.

MG Motors Partners Umicore for recycling

The company says in a press release that, “Umicore is one of few companies that offer a complete recycling journey for Li-ion batteries. Umicore holds extensive expertise in end-to-end battery life cycle management and a unique battery value chain that guarantees better operational efficiency, supply security, and speed of response.”

Recently, MG Motors had also made a partnership with Exicom to effectively make use of used lithium-ion batteries that can be used in its electric vehicles. The company says that these battery packs can be used in applications such as home inverters, commercial and industrial UPS, and renewable energy storage.

MG Motor India 

Gaurav Gupta, chief commercial officer, MG Motor India said that “Over the past few months, we have worked towards creating the right ecosystem for our customers ahead of the launch of the ZS EV, including charging infrastructure. Our partnership with Umicore focuses on end-of-life applications for used EV battery packs and ensures that exhausted battery packs of ZS EV are recycled in keeping with the global best standards, to ensure environment-friendly battery disposal.”

MG’s partnership with eChargeBays is the latest among the series of alliances with EV charging players who are aimed in creating a dynamic charging infrastructure across the country.

The MG Motor India has already partnered with Fortum and Delta Electronics India for the fast charging and slow charging segments, respectively.

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