May 28, 2024

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700 Charging Stations For EVs In India By Fortum

700 Charging Stations For EVs

700 Charging Stations For EVs, As we can see there is a rapid growth in EVs in India. There will also need to EV charging stations to charge up the EVs. The installation of charging station across the country is an important aspect and challenge for an EV industry.

700 Charging Stations For EVs

But with the companies taking initiatives for installing charging stations will meet the challenges. Recently Tata announced that it will set up 2,700 Fast Charging Stations In India.

Fortum to set up 700 charging stations in India for an EVs to be charged. Fortum, the world’s leading clean energy company which is planning to have electric vehicles fleet on Indian roads.

Nordic Countries and Baltic region, Russia and Poland have Fortum’s charging points and now it is looking towards India by building its network of charging points for EVs.

Fortum Installed  36 direct current (DC) in Hyderabad And Mumbai 

Fortum India has already installed around 36 direct current (DC) in suburbs of Hyderabad and Mumbai is planning for 700 by 2020.

Fortum Installed 3000 DC Chargers In Nordic Countries

It has installed 3000 smart chargers in Nordic Countries out of which 30% are DC Fast Chargers.

Fortum India Says 

“We are constantly evaluating the Indian market for charging infrastructure. On our radar are the advanced cities with higher per capita incomes and people with greater disposable incomes,”

“So, in addition to Hyderabad and Mumbai, we are looking at cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, and Pune”, said Awadesh Jha, vice president (charge & drive and sustainability), Fortum India.

Fortum is among the pioneer in EV charging, started its foray into EV charging market in India in 2017. Before EV charging business it started with its first project 5 Mw solar power project in Rajasthan in 2012 and succeed with many such solar projects in India.

“We intend to manufacture ethanol from bamboo. To cut down on emissions, the government has plans to blend a certain percentage of ethanol with petrol and diesel”, Jha said.

In India Tata and Mahindra are already popular for their huge contribution towards EVs, “In India, the EVs unveiled so far are low voltage vehicles as opposed to Europe and Japan where the vehicles need higher capacity charging. Towards the middle of this year, we are expecting more EV launches from the higher end OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).”

“India is a market where competition is huge. But we are not looking at the competition, our thrust is on collaboration”, he added.

He thinks the FAME (Faster Adoption & Manufacturing of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles) India’s Scheme will motivate e-mobility in the country.

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