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Role of Solar Power on Electric Vehicle Industry

Role of Solar Power on Electric Vehicle Industry

“Solar power and Electric Vehicle”, good to see both the terms in a single phrase. But, it will be the future of e-mobility development in the world. EV and solar come under the renewable energy roof to save the planet earth. It’s the right time to align two big industries, the solar and the EV.

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Solar Power on Electric Vehicle Industry

Electric vehicle runs on electric power, but electricity not only produced by power lines but also by other resources like mentioned below:

According to IEA (International Energy Agency), As per 2016, the major sources of electricity are

  • Coal (38.4%)
  • Natural Gas (23.2%)
  • Hydro (16.3%)
  • Nuclear fission (10.4%)
  • Oil (3.7%)
  • Renewable energy 8 %

The data shows worldwide countries using renewable energy as the least factor for the generation. Reasons might be various factors due to high installation costs, difficult energy processing e.t.c

To run an electric car, electricity is needed, the major form of power resources is the household sockets. The next best option for electricity generation by sunlight which is abundant in nature. Solar energy is portable to utilize as well.

The other renewable energy sources like wind, biomass, rain, tides, waves are not portable and difficult to implement on electric vehicles.

Solar Power in Electric Vehicles India

As of 31 December, 2018 India’s solar installed capacity is 25.21 GW. But, most of the solar power is using for industries or commercials.

Now, there is a need for shifting non-renewable energies to renewable energies. In India, Solar energy is widely available because it is a tropical country. The climate is hot most of the times.

Connecting Solar power and Electric Vehicles

The best example for EV and solar bonding is Sion electric car from Sono Motors. It is a solar electric car made in Germany. The electric car fills with solar cells located on both sides, the roof, the rear, and the hood.

Role of Solar Power on Electric Vehicle Industry
Role of Solar Power on Electric Vehicle Industry

A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 35 kWh to store the sunlight liberated solar energy installed in the Sion electric car. In addition to the 250 km range from Li-ion batteries, the photovoltaic cells provide another 30 km range to the solar electric car.

Future of Solar Industry with Electric Vehicle

Its the right time for the solar industry to connect with the EV industry to expand its business margins.  There is no doubt that, there will be a huge demand for Solar energy in the coming days to fight against the power crisis. If electricity prices increased by the government, the best alternative is solar energy.

The solar industry is widely established in the roots of the world. An alliance of EV industry and Solar Industry going to be a huge relief to our mother earth.


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