April 08, 2021

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Komaki M5 sports electric bike review

Komaki M5 sports electric bike

Komaki M5 sports electric bike review 

Komaki M5 Sports electric bike is the most awaited upcoming electric bike in India. It is from an electric vehicle manufacturer Komaki (KLB Komaki PVT LTD). In this article, we are going to discuss Komaki M5 sports electric bike features technical specifications and test ride review.

Komaki M5 sports electric bike

Komaki M5 sports electric bike


If we look at the design of the Komaki M5 sports electric bike, it is stylish in terms of design such as a curvy headlamp and stylish body structure which grabs most of the people’s especially the youngsters’ attention at one glance itself.

Build quality

In terms of build quality, this electric bike’s body is mostly built with fibre plastic only the chassis and the supporting equipment are made with metal.


It is getting a bigger tyre at the back 140/70 and 17-inch tyres and its front tyre is smaller than the back tyre 110/80 17 inch wheel. Both front and rear tyres have got disc brakes for sharp braking.

Charging time

The M5 electric bike can be fully charged in 4 to 3.5 hours.

Seating comfort 

Its seating is comfortable for the riders but its pillion seat is very small maybe a slimmer pillion can fit in but you cannot expect a healthier person sitting on its pillion seat.


Its dashboard is small in which you can see odometer reading, voltage and battery capacity-charging level, speed, lighting symbol. It is having some buttons through which you can change your riding modes, reverse button option.


This electric bike is getting indicating lights, it is having headlamps switches where you can set low to high beam. There is a single button for all light indicators (sidelight and backlight indicators) just like we get in any cars.


The Komaki M5 electric bike gets some smart features including Bluetooth connectivity where you can connect to your mobile device and attend calls and you can also listen to music by just pressing the buttons on the bike. It has also got the anti-theft alarm, find my vehicle, power on and off, lock and unlock remotely with a button on the key.


The specifications of the M5 electric bike can provide a top speed of 80 kmph, as it is a high-speed electric bike you need to have a license and registration to ride this bike. It is going to compete with the Revolt RV400 and Kridn R electric bikes.

While we look for its range, it can give you 120 km of range in eco mode. There is also another electric bike from a company that has a similar name Komaki M5 Eco but it is a low power motor vehicle. The company has not yet revealed the complete specifications of this electric bike but we are assuming that it will be equipped with a 3 kW BLD hub motor and the lithium-ion battery pack might get a 2.88 kWh capacity. It is a detachable battery and if we see that it is a little heavy.

Test Ride

Our electricvehicles.in the team has a test ride this electric bike. We felt that the initial torque is a little high and the balancing is fine. Its footrest is more comfortable while riding this electric bike. It has 3 riding modes, in its first mode, it is providing a top speed of 26 kmph. Its second mode is providing 40 kmph, we get the pickup levels good in the second mode it is going up to 45-50kmph. In its third mode, it can easily go to 80 kmph.

Komaki M5 sports electric bike

This bike is the best example of no noise electric vehicle, it doesn’t make any noises. It is providing good pickup levels, torque and top speed but there need to be improvements made when one shifting the modes from one to another it is becoming little jerky. Initially, it is giving high pick up however we can see this in most of the electric bikes.

After the road test ride of this electric bike, we can say that it is a good electric bike from Komaki but it needs to be improvised and modified. But in terms of performance is really good especially in mode one and two. In terms of stability, it is comfortable for riders but pillions may feel discomfort and they don’t even get any support, the company needs to make improvement on this too. 

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