July 13, 2020

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IIT Hyderabad collaborated with ItsEV Inc to develop Li-ion batteries

IIT Hyderabad collaborated with ItsEV Inc

IIT Hyderabad collaborated with ItsEV Inc to develop Li-ion batteries

IIT Hyderabad, The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad collaborated with ItsEV Inc to develop lithium-ion batteries for various applications which also includes electric vehicles. Both the companies IITH and ItsEV are expecting to make a superior lithium-ion battery comparing to the existing ones in India.

IIT Hyderabad collaborated with ItsEV Inc to develop Li-ion batteries

A research group led by Surendra K. Martha, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Hyderabad showed that high-energy lithium-ion batteries have double energy than the batteries produced in 2018. The researchers also demonstrated the 100-200 mAh sodium-ion cells at the Research Centre Imarat (RCI) in the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) laboratory, in Hyderabad.

As we all know, batteries are the costliest component of an electric vehicle due to lack of lithium reserves India imports lithium-ion batteries from China, South Korea, Japan and Europe. We need many lithium-ion batteries to use in electric vehicles but we dont have any company’s producing it.

Principal Secretary, Industries, Telangana said 

Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries, Telangana, said, “Telangana is among the first 10 states to work on policies for the 100 per cent adoption of EV for public transport. This would motivate individuals to go for EV, which would help in reducing problems such as traffic management and pollution. The introduction of a product like this can be a breakthrough.”

An international workshop hosted by IITH on the ‘Dawn of a New Era for the Indian Automotive Industry’ covered the development of a new lithium-ion battery that is perfectly suitable for high-temperature conditions. The workshop was to promote a pollution-free country.

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