June 08, 2023

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Honda revealed its first electric SUV ‘Prologue’

Honda first electric SUV 'Prologue'

Honda revealed its first electric SUV ‘Prologue’

Honda has announced its first electric SUV ‘Prologue.’ This launch is part of Honda’s recently announced plan to switch to all zero-emission vehicles in North America by 2040. Dave Gardner, executive vice president of American Honda said “Our zero-emission focus has begun.”

The Honda’s first electric SUV Prologue will arrive in 2024 and is being developed in partnership with General Motors. General Motors will contribute to the company with its battery system. That vehicle will also be based on GM’s battery platform. The company has not yet revealed anything about the electric SUV. But Honda said that it will debut an electric SUV for its luxury Acura lineup in 2024.


It is the first dedicated battery-electric vehicle from the company but it’s not the first time Honda has sold EVs in the U.S. It has already sold its electric version of its Clarity sedan but it has decided to discontinue that model recently as it was not intended to sell in high quantities.

Honda’s electric SUV will be assembled in North America with the partnership of GM. The Honda of America sales chief Dave Gardner said it will go on sale in the US and Canada starting in 2024. The automaker will use the US automaker’s Ultrium battery packs.

Prologue, the name of its electric SUV is notably, a synonym for “Prelude,” the name of Honda’s iconic sports coupe from the 1980s which is meant to be the introduction to Honda’s efforts to completely electrify its lineup by 2040. The Honda Prologue is the first of two vehicles that Honda has planned to develop with General Motors, the other vehicle will get an Acura nameplate.

“With the Prologue, our goal is to provide a highly competitive product with the functionality to meet the diverse needs of our customers,” Gardner said.

The Biden Administration has made clear its focus and willingness to invest in EVs, both in infrastructure and incentives to encourage consumers. And the State of California is talking about requiring 100% EVs by 2035.

Honda is targeting annual volume roughly between the Passport and Pilot SUVs. It is conducting independent research on solid-state batteries as the next-generation batteries for EVs that will realize high capacity and low cost.

The development efforts will take Honda’s vision for carbon neutrality by 2050, with a plan to increase the sales of battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles to 40% of volume by 2030, 80% by 2035, and to 100% of vehicle sales by 2040.

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