April 11, 2024

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Highest Battery Pack Ever-Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle

Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle 

Gugu, The R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle

Gugu The motorcycle SUV is the fastest, quickest adventure motorcycle on the road with 100 kmph top cruising speed, electronically limited. The 5.7 s from 0-60 mph and with a mile range of 100+ mi. The Gugu, The R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle is the best suited if you travel.

Performance Of The R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle

The Gugu, motorcycle SUV with the cutting edge technology and industry-leading performance, range, and luggage capacity.

It is well suited and can be performed in all weather conditions with IP67 Battery Pack. It has advanced technology with the thermal Management system which cools down the battery when needed. It is the highest battery pack ever installed in a motorcycle.

Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle 
Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle


R-series SUV, You can go anywhere with the ultra-fast charging infrastructure with a range of 100 kmph.

Features of Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle


It has a software update that introduced new features that functions various features.

5 Inch

It has 5-inch touchscreen Infotainment display that helps you to navigate.

28 Liters

It was designed especially for touring in which you can store your luggage.

Unparalleled Traction

Unparalleled traction and control in all weather conditions

Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle 
Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle

Yin and Yang Position

Yin-Long relax cruising position with high-end bars
Yang – Racing stance for agility


It helps you to personalize your rides as to control the motorcycle as per your wish.

In-built GPS system

The in-built GPS system allows real-time display of quick navigation for the help of the rider.

Door-to-Door servicing

Gugu provides Door to door maintenance and personalized vehicle service.

Integrated AI

Allows AI-powered Gugu Energy App which helps you to search for the nearby charging locations.


You can charge your phone and carry all things everywhere you go.

Gugu R-Series SUV Electric Motorcycle Specifications

  • Battery-6 kWh – Liquid cooled
  • Acceleration-0-60 mph under 6 seconds
  • Top Speed- 100 kmph – Electronically Limited
  • Spoke Wheels- 17″ Front – 15″ Rear
  • Displays-5″ Touchscreen Infotainment
  • Seating Position- Cruiser + Sporty upright Lean pose
  • Supercharging- Yes, J1772 public charging adapter
  • Range- 100+ miles
  • External Charging Port- Yes
  • Cargo- 28 Liters.
  • Weight- 320 lbs
  • Mobile Charging Port- Available
  • Transmission- Chain-Drive
  • Seat Height- 800 mm
  • Headlights- LED
  • Ground Clearance- 190 mm
  • Touch Screen Display- 5 inch – Inbuilt maps

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