April 12, 2024

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NIO ES8 Electric SUV – Top Speed of 355 Km

The brand new NIO ES8 Electric SUV Car

AS we all know EVs are in trend today as it is eco-friendly and can make you experience the speediest and quietest driving experience. Here is a brand new NIO ES8, a Chinese company which is a seven seated car that runs on Electric SUV which is built on a unibody aluminum structure which is light and strong. We can expect that it will be the best selling Electric SUV in China until next year.

It provides 70 kWh battery (from CATL) which drives us more than 355 km (220 miles) of NEDC range or 500 km (310 miles) at 60 km/h (37 mph). It weighs 2,460 kgs and battery is liquid cooled. Nio ES8 price starts at $67,765.

Experience home-like traveling with NIO ES8 Electric SUV Car

The cars are meant only for transportation purposes earlier but with NIO es8 possible to experience the home like atmosphere. The car has 3,010mm wheelbase that said to be the longest for cars. Configuration can be done to its 3 rows, and 7 seats. Its different features such as Lounge Seat, Child-care Mode, and other features follows. The interior used is NAPPA, PM 2.5 air purifier, the premium sound system.

The brand new NIO ES8 Electric SUV Car
The brand new NIO ES8 Electric SUV Car

Specifications of NIO ES8

  • Top Speed of 355 Km
  • Dual motor Intelligent E-AWD
  • In 4.4 seconds -0-100km/h
  • Latest Generation Active Air Suspension
  • Braking Distance- 100-o km/h in 33.8 Meters.
  • 0.29 Drag Coefficient
  • 70 kWh battery Capacity
  • Drives 355 km -220 miles
  • 3,010mm wheelbase

Experience the home like traveling experience with  ES8 Electric SUV which drives you to your destination comfortably.

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