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Harley‑Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle Releases In August, 2019, costs 30K USD

Livewire Electric Motorcycle

Livewire Electric Motorcycle By Harley‑Davidson

Get ready for a ride with Harley‑Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle with just the twist of the throttle. No clutch to release and there are no gears to run through. It takes you 0-60 in just under 3.5 seconds. It has a high voltage battery which produces extraordinary acceleration. The high range and torque on just click to unlock the city.

Livewire Electric Motorcycle
Livewire Electric Motorcycle

The Livewire has two easy ways to charge, one the onboard level 1 charger and power cord that can be connected to any standard household outlet and can be kept overnight. If you need faster-charging options you can visit any nearest charging station (public level 3 DC).

Livewire Electric Motorcycle from Harley‑Davidson

It’s in the way one can expect from Harley‑Davidson motorcycle. The vehicle with the muscular shape to its aggressive body structure gives it an iconic look.

You get three color options to choose from, two exclusive paint colors-Yellow Fuse and Orange Fuse which are in the H‑D palette. They give the look of anodized metal. It is also available in vivid black for the black color lovers.

Livewire Electric Motorcycle
Livewire Electric Motorcycle

Styling and features of Electric Vehicle Livewire Motorcycle

H-D/Michelin Scorcher Sports Tires

It rides on premium 180mm rear and 120mm, the tires are designed especially for the quality ride and handling performance of the vehicle.

State-Of-The-Art Touchscreen Display

Seven different riding modes let you dial in your ride.  10.9cm, full-color, liquid-crystal, touchscreen display helps you to keep updated about your speed, range and battery status. It has more options for music, turn-by-turn navigation, alert information and more.

Customized Your Livewire Motorcycle

To make it unique from the other vehicles, the vehicle is to designed with genuine motors parts. You can customize your vehicle with accessories such as screen blade, handbrake levers and more.

H-D Revelation Powertrain

The vehicle with its permanent magnet electric motor can produce 100% torque which results in high-speed acceleration. It is placed below the battery so that center of gravity can be handled easily.

Lightweight Frame

The aluminum frame which lights weighted, rigid and helps in handling the bike responsively. Fully Adjustable Suspension. The front and rear suspension are fully adjustable with high-performance SHOWA which can be made according to your comfort and riding style.

As per planned launch date, Livewire will release in August in 2019 and is coming to Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale. It costs $29,799 and in India 21 lakhs.


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