June 15, 2024

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Centre Urges States to Waive Off Road Tax For Electric Vehicles

Waive Off Road Tax For Electric Vehicles

The Centre Urges States to Waive Off Road Tax For Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are becoming popular day-by-day, with its popularity and growth of Electric Vehicles (EVs) market all over the world, many people are attracted to EVs for its quiet, high speed and eco-friendly features. There has been a lot of innovation happening in the EV market. The cost of maintaining the EVS is less when compared to other conventional vehicles. The centre has urged the states to waive off road tax for electric vehicles.

Government Taking Initiatives To Encourage The Use Of Electric Vehicles

As you have seen Government taking initiatives in various aspects like the Finance Ministry signed up 15 EVs for the department, Installing 28 charging stations in various places. This encourages the citizens of India to contribute to making India’s environment eco-friendly. It encourages people to buy more EVs.

100 % electric with zero emission that reduces air and sound pollution

These electric buses are launched to lower down the burden of reducing the diesel, petrol fuels fares. The electric buses are 100 % electric with zero emission that reduces both air and sound pollution and also reduces sound pollution. It’s quiet when compared to the conventional buses. These buses will provide services on the routes of the airport of the Hyderabad.

4 to 10% Road Tax Is Imposed On Electric Vehicles

Another step taken by the center is to waive off the road tax for people using Electric Vehicles. This may encourage the people to buy EVs as Centre urged Union Territories to waive off the road tax. In Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Goa don’t levy road tax when they register for EV. Only 4 to 10 percent of the road tax is imposed on EVs.

During a video conference chief secretaries in states Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh and Union appealed to take steps fastest for the adoption of EVs. “Some of the states wanted to know how the Centre would provide them financial assistance to push electric mobility,” said the source

Government Providing 100% of the cost to set up charging infrastructure

The government proposed, providing funds to set up charging infrastructure up to 100% of the cost. The government will spend about Rs 200 crore to develop advanced technology such as power electronics and battery development.


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