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Govt invites suggestions on Draft Bihar Electric Vehicle Policy 2019

Draft Bihar Electric Vehicle Policy 2019

Draft Bihar Electric Vehicle Policy 2019 released in Bihar Government department of Industries for the promotion of Electric Vehicles (EV) manufacturing and investment in Bihar.

Draft Bihar Electric Vehicle Policy 2019

For the first time, the Bihar government is giving an opportunity to the citizens to suggest on the draft policy till 25th May 2019. 

Bihar had witnessed the growth of EVs in terms of electric three-wheelers and it has become popular in the state recently due to lower acquisition cost, lower operating cost, eco-friendliness, etc.

Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India supporting the eco-mobility efforts in the country with the help of NMEM and now Phase-II FAME (Faster Adaptation and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles).

Although Bihar is the fastest growing market for E-rickshaws and it had not been able to leverage the market segment.

At present, Maharashtra, Gujrat, and Karnataka are leading in this sector and have separate EV Policies. 

The EV policy will be valid for 5 years

The policy will be valid for 5 years from the date of notification for a mid-term review. 

It comes under the government rule “Battery Operated Vehicle” under Rule no. 2(u) of Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989.

Incentives for EV Manufacturing, EV Component Manufacturing, and EV Battery Manufacturing! Assembly Enterprises, Manufacturers of Electrical Battery Chargers:

EV manufacturing cluster, common facilities, and R & D Centre and vehicle testing track must be created.

Incentives for EV Charging

  • 25% capital subsidy on equipment (limited up to Rs. 10 lacs per station) for first 250 commercial public EV charging stations.
  • Electric power rate shall be the industrial rate of electricity.
    common charging points in residential areas, societies, bus depots, public parking areas, railway stations, and fuel pumps, etc, are permitted.
  • setting up of common public charging facilities in parking areas of malls, residential properties & parking areas, etc.
  • Robotic Battery Swapping Arm shall be created if required.
  • Charging infrastructure at all major govt offices and ‘Rain Baseras’ for rickshaw pullers.

For EV Buyer

  • For first 100,000 EVs manufactured and registered in a state or policy period of 5 years whichever is earlier – (2 wheeler-24,000; 3 wheeler-70,000; 4 wheeler-4000; 4 wheeler hybrid- 1000 and private/public passenger bus -1000; all categories combined 100,000) private transporter and individual buyer to get an end-user subsidy over the policy period.
  • 15% subsidy for these vehicles
  • Electric Rickshaw using Lithium-ion battery instead of the conventional lead-acid battery will get Special incentives of Rs, 10,000/-
  • No road tax and registration fees ‘for Electric Vehicles.
  • If the EV user is below the poverty line or belongs to S.C/S.T will get Top up subsidy of Rs. 8000/-

The final draft policy can be expected to release in next month after it receives from the citizens which may include the manufactures, dealers EV users or any citizen for the promotion and betterment of the country. 

You can give your suggestions on EV draft policy of Bihar by filling up the form on their official website

Draft Bihar EV policy 2019

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