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EVs startup of the week-Gayam Motor Works

EVs startup of the week-Gayam Motor Works

EVs startup of the week-Gayam Motor Works

Three-wheelers are very popular and most used vehicles in India for everyday commutes. 45 million rides are happening every day using three-wheeler which are becoming a huge cause for the pollution in India. To reduce the pollution levels from the country, two brothers from Hyderabad started Gayam Motors in 2010. lets see about EV startup of the week-Gayam Motor Works. 

The Gayam Motors Works is a Hyderabad based startup established in the year 201o by Gayam Brothers with a vision to make the future of transportation smart and electric.

The company is created by the young CEOs Raja Gayam and Rahul Gayam. Raja jayam is a IIIT student, decided to change the polluted atmosphere in India. He realized the need of the primary transportation that is the three-wheelers in India. 

EVs startup of the week-Gayam Motor Works

They started with the manufacture of petrol and CNG to know about the market and export ideas. The company exported its three wheeler to Bangladesh and Indonesia and sold 5 thousand vehicles. 

Electric vehicles journey begins 

In 2013, along with his brother Rahul decided to enter into e-rickshaw segment. But there was a problem that all the e-rickshaws were low speed 25km/h and would have not climb on slop roads with the load, so to overcome this challenge, the Gayam brothers manufactured their first electric three-wheeler which was having a range of 110 km on a single charge. 

The interesting thing about their e-rickshaw can incline up to 25 degree slope with a top speed of 55km/hr.The Gayam motors succeed in reducing the operational cost of electric three wheeler by 40% when compared to petrol and diesel autos. 

Not only e-rickshaws the company also started making their own battery packs, BMS, controller and designed an affordable electric three wheeler for Eco-friendly commutes. It also installed swapping stations for faster refueling, it takes only one minute to swap the battery.

The company is focused on b2b where the average travel is 80 km per day. There three wheeler are working for 18 hours per day for complete utilization. The companies have some client IKEA, FLIPKART,BIGBASKET and Delhivery. The company also exports their three wheeler to Europe and UK. 

Urban ET electric passenger auto

Talking about their products, they have their first passenger auto ‘Urban ET.’ It is a 3+1 Seater electric auto which works with a 4.5 kW motor on a single charge. It gives a range of 110 km with a top speed of 55 km/hr. 

EVs startup of the week-Gayam Motor Works

It is powered by a 48v 100A li-ion battery which is also compatible with Solar Charging. It takes 3 hours to charge the vehicle and it costs INR 0.50 per km. It can carry 500 Kgs of Load. 

GMW’s Urban ET is well known for its strong and rugged body. It comes with 12 months warranty and its price starts from  3,25,000. 


The company’s second product is an e-Loader. This electric auto have the same specifications as Urban ET such as 55 km/hr top speed, 4.5kW motor, charge time of 3 hours and 48v 100A Li-ion battery. But this loader comes with a loader at back. 

EVs startup of the week-Gayam Motor Works

It also manufactures a lead acid eShaft, Passenger E-Rickshaw. It works with a  (Lead-acid) battery which is priced at 1.4 lakh. The top speed of eShaft is 25 kmph which provides a range of 60-90 km. It charges in 5-6 hours. 

The company also manufactured the eCargo electric three wheeler with similar specifications as eShaft. This is not the end the company also manufacturing an electric bicycle called ‘limitless.’

Gayam Motors appreciation moment

Gayam Motors also received awards for their innovation. It is targeting 15$ million dollars in 2019. This startup is an inspiration for many EV manufacturers in India. Hope India achieves the 2030 target of transforming the fuel based vehicles to electric. 

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