July 18, 2024

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EVs Startup of the week – Cell Propulsion

EVs Startup of the week

EVs Startup of the week- Cell Propulsion

Cell Propulsion is a Bengaluru based EVs startup founded in 2017 by the former ISRO employees Nakul Kukar and Paras Kaushal who designs and develops electric power trains. The startup offers electric mobility solutions.

The mobility technology company converts the Internal combustion engines to electric, known as retrofitting. The company retrofits commercial vehicles. It develops the advanced technologies and vehicles which accelerates the transition to clean and sustainable mobility.

EVs Startup of the week

It works with a vision to provide next-generation mobility solutions to commercial vehicles such as Cargo vehicles and public passenger vehicles owners and operators. The company provides vehicle finance and insurance services, fleet tracking and management services and chargers & charging infra EPC.

The team of three along with the co-founders, Nakul Kukar and Paras Kaushal designs and develops the electric power trains and also have Supratim Naskar as their chief technology officer.

The company has also signed an agreement last year with the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation to retrofit the public buses. It has also won the Better Bus 2018 award from WRI India and FedEx for their work in retrofitting the ICE vehicles.

EVs Startup of the week

It has raised $488,900 in a fresh round of funding from Endiya Partners.

The Retrofitted electric powertrain will give the following performance

EVs Startup of the week

  • Battery Voltage 650V
  • Battery Capacity 200Ah
  • Motor Cont. Power 74 kW
  • Motor peak power 144kW (60s)
  • Motor peak Torque 1100 Nm(60s)
  • Single-stage reduction of 3.97
  • Peak wheel torque 4304 Nm @ 313 rpm

They design and engineer custom specialized electric motors and drives. Their charging solutions services include Portable AC charging stations and Mini DC fast chargers of maximum input voltage of 240 V @ 50 Hz +/- 15 % and Max Output Voltage 240 V @ 50 Hz.

They have the HCV Powertrain

  • Inhouse Developed
  • 200Kw Motor Drive
  • 800V Li-ion BMS
    200KwH Li-ion battery pack and Auxiliary Powertrain
  • VDC 400-600V
  • Peak Power 150KW
  • Nominal Power 70KW
  • Battery Capacity 350Ah
  • Charging Time 5-6 Hrs
  • Charger 50KW

LCV powertrain

Proposed Powertrain configuration

  • Battery-LiFePO4 chemistry
  • Energy-27 kWh
  • Motor type-PMSM 3 phase motor
  • Nominal Power-12 kW
  • Peak Power-25 kW (for 30 secs)
  • Battery Management System with passive balancing
  • Offboard charger-6.6kW
  • Charging time-6 hour for a full charge on standard industrial 3-phase supply
  • Cooling system-Liquid-cooled

The performance of the converted vehicle shall have the following specifications

  • The range on a full charge-120 km
  • Payload-1ton
  • Overload factor-1.5 ton
  • Maximum speed-70 kmph
  • Nominal cruising speed-40 kmph
  • Gradeability-21%
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