May 28, 2024

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Electric bus market-Top 2 e-buses manufacturers in India

e-buses manufacturers in India

Electric vehicles Industry is witnessing a tremendous growth. India is well known for its huge population. As urbanization increasing their is also a demand for the basic necessity, transportation. Half of the population uses public transportation for their everyday commutes. Currently there are around 1.6 million registered buses in India out of them only 1,70,000 are operated by public operators. Here are the top 2 e-buses manufacturers in India. 

Electric bus market-Top 2 e-buses manufacturers in India

5,000 buses are operated under PPP model for city operation. The number should be increased in cities to develop sustainable public transport. Public transport vehicles must shift to electric. But there is lack of electric and hybrid buses due to its cost as they are 3-4 times higher than diesel buses.

There are also not proper incentives given for the bus operations. But in some cities like Delhi and Mumbai, they are using clean fuel like CNG for bus operations. Here are the top 4 electric buses manufacturers in India.

e-buses manufacturers in India

Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is the 2nd largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India and the 4th largest manufacturer of buses in the world not only this it is the 10th largest manufacturers of trucks. It has created its own chain of electric buses called circuit.

e-buses manufacturers in India

These buses have the seating capacity of 30 people. It can be charged as quick as possible when compared to the other buses. It takes 8.5 hours to charge and with rapid charger it takes 1 to 2 hours.

These buses have the battery swapping options which can be swapped easily in 4 minutes. They give a range of 50 km on a full charge. These are AC buses with the fire detection system.

JBM Group

JBM Group (Jay Bharat Maruti LTD) is a focused and progressive conglomerate aiming to add value to our customers’business via its products, services and innovative solutions.

JBM Ecolife electric bus is quiet, emission-free and low operational cost with a modern design. It has a 80-160 kW motor and EBS Electronic (dual-circuit) braking system incorporating the anti-blocking system (ABS) and the traction control system (ASR), parking (hand) brake with emergency release function from the driver’s seat, bus stop brake. 

e-buses manufacturers in India

Ecolife 9m Electric is a fully low-floor battery powered green vehicle with state of the artelectric drive technology that ensures hassle free and comfortable commute for the passengers.

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