March 05, 2021

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EV Month Poll-Is India is ready for electric vehicles?

EV Month Poll

EV Month Poll-Is India is ready for electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are in news everywhere, new launches, new startups emerging, charging stations installations, and manufacturers planning to establish a battery manufacturing plant is all we are listening about electric vehicles. Is that not signs of electric vehicles sector growth? There are many manufactures manufacturing EVs and providing charging solutions as well, many startups are bringing up their innovations to contribute to a greener revolution and government taking initiatives in every possible way. Still, we think India is not ready for adopting EVs. To get some clarification and opinion from people have conducted a poll for a month to know about it. We have asked a question Is India is ready for electric vehicles? read further to know the EV month poll results. 

Let us first discuss the electric vehicles in India before we reveal the poll results.

At this age, we all know what are electric vehicles, we need not any detailed explanations. Right from the invention and use of electric motors in 1800 to the small electric car built by Anyos Jedlik in 1828 to till today we can see the immense development of electric vehicles in every category of vehicles.

FAME India 

FAME India Scheme Phase-I

According to FAME India Scheme Phase I, 2,80,995 electric vehicles sold in India. In FAME India Scheme Phase II, 3,635 electric vehicles sold in India and Karnataka is leading in sales of electric vehicles by 1,529 as of now. 

FAME India Scheme Phase-II 

Government has approved Phase-II of FAME Scheme with an outlay of Rs.10,000 Crore for a period of 3 years which will have started from 1st April 2019. Out of the budgetary amount, 86 per cent of the fund has been allocated for Demand Incentive so as to create demand for xEVs in the country.

This phase aims to create demand by supporting 7000 e-buses, 5 lakh e-3 Wheelers, 55000 e-4 Wheeler Passenger Cars (including Strong Hybrid) and 10 lakh e-2 Wheelers. It also depends upon off-take of different category of xEVs.

This phase will incentivise to only advanced battery and registered vehicles. to provide eco-friendly transportation opportunities to the people, this phase aims mainly on public transportation options for masses, it will apply to mainly to public transport or those registered for commercial purposes in e-3W, e-4W and e-bus segments. However, privately owned registered e-2Ws are also covered under the scheme as a mass segment. 

With the help of this scheme, India can easily grab the opportunity to transform public transportation, commercial vehicles and also privately registered vehicles with e-2Ws. 

EV Month Poll

Poll question

Coming to our monthly poll, we have asked a question to the people, Is India is ready for electric vehicles? 

Poll answer (Results)

EV Month poll

You can see in the above poll image, we have received 165 votes, 

  • 74.55% (123 votes) which means 75% of people say ‘Yes’ that India is ready for electric vehicles and
  • 25.45% (42 votes) which means 25% of people say ‘No’ that India is not ready for electric vehicles.


For ‘Yes’

  • 75% of people believe that India is ready for electric vehicles, as there are many big automobile players manufacturing electric vehicles, setting up charging stations/swap stations and also some are planning to establish battery manufacturing plants.
  • There are many EVs startups emerging in India with their great innovations to boost the EVs sector.
  • Most importantly, the Government of India is providing incentives for private, commercial and public transportations, and charging infrastructure and also some additional benefits such as road tax exemptions, GST reduction on EVs, chargers and charging stations, etc.
  • Also, air pollution problems which people are facing every day leading to dangerous health issues. 

For ‘No’

  • 25% of people believe that India is not ready for electric vehicles as in FAME Scheme’s Phase-II is more focused to incentivise on commercial and public transportation and fewer incentives for individual or private vehicles. 

  • The other reason may also be the lack of charging infrastructure in India 
  • Price of an electric vehicle is much higher than an ICE vehicle
  • Lack of battery manufacturing plants in India 
  • Imports of Lithium-Ion batteries or cells from other countries 
  • Lack of confidence, range anxiety and awareness about electric vehicles 

75% of people are very confident and want electric vehicles to rule on roads reducing all the carbon emissions from the air which is a serious issue and also reduces the maintenance cost and gives a quiet and smooth driving experience. 

If battery manufacturing plants are built, sufficient charging infrastructure and good incentives are provided to the people, we can say India is completely ready for electric vehicles and will become a global hub for manufacturing electric vehicles and batteries. 

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