May 28, 2024

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EV Month Poll-Which Charging option is best to charge an EV?

EV month poll

EV Month Poll-Which Charging option is best to charge an EV?

As electric vehicles are all buzz today. Electric vehicles are growing rapidly we are witnessing everyday the new launches and what not! There are many companies, manufacturers and government taking initiatives to provide adequate charging infrastructure to the EV users. In that regard team have conducted a poll for a month to know which charging option people like to use to charge an EV. We have asked a question Which charging option is best you feel to charge an EV? Read further to know the EV month Poll results.

But before we reveal the results, know about what are the charging options, if in case you dont know! 

EV month poll

Charging an EV is as important as you charge your mobile phone. It is an important element for electric vehicles without which your electric vehicle cannot be run.

An Electric vehicle charging station is also EV charging station, Charge point, electric recharging point, ECS (electronic charging station) EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) that are more technical terms. Simply call it as an EV charging station or EV charge point!

Coming to the charging options, we have 3 options

You can charge your EV either at home, workplace or at some EV public charging stations or simply swapping the batteries but this facility is not yet advanced or enough available to use, again depends on your vehicle that is it having an option of battery swapping? 

You will have different types of charging stations such as Rapid, Fast and Slow so choose your chargers as per your vehicle requirements.

EV Month Poll

Which charging option is best you feel to charge an EV?

1. Public charging stations
2. Charging at home/office/malls,etc
3. Swappable charging stations

Here are the results 

EV month poll



  • 46.22% of people voted for charging at home. They feel comfortable charging their electric vehicles at home only. 
  • 32.77% of people want to have a charging option as battery swapping technology and
  • 21.01% of people want to charge their EVs using public charging stations. 


  • Manufacturers must build their electric vehicles in such a way that it can be charged at home easily. 
  • Also must make it a compulsion to keep the swapping battery technology in almost all vehicles will help people to adopt electric vehicles without any charging anxiety and also saves a lot of time of EV users. 
  • Sufficient public charging stations must also be provided to charge heavy vehicles, commercial vehicles, and high powered vehicles. 
  • In India half of the population uses public transportation for their everyday commutes and if a large number of public and commercial vehicles are deployed half of the emissions problem is solved here. 

Government guidelines to install EV charging stations

If you want to install EV charging stations then the government gave some guidelines 

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