July 15, 2024

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EV global shared mobility accounts for 1.8%-grows 80% by 2040

EV global shared mobility

The EV global shared mobility service will adopt electric vehicles faster than private owners. There will be 80% of growth in the global ride-sharing fleet mobility.

EV global shared mobility accounts for 1.8% grows 80% by 2040

Presently the global shared mobility fleet of electric vehicles counts for 1.8 percent according to a study. The shared mobility fleet includes taxis, ride-hailing, and car-sharing. The ratio of green vehicles will be increased because of the government providing support for the promotion of electric vehicles.

EV global shared mobility

The private vehicles will no longer have the demand and the number will be decreased as the shared mobility will be increased multiple times. presently, billions use shared mobility (ride-hailing app) across the world.

Currently, the shared mobility holds less than 5% of total distance traveled annually by passenger vehicles, this may grow to 19% almost four times is expected.

According to the NITI Aayog study,  

According to the NITI Aayog report, the opportunities, challenges, and suggestions for shared mobility in India. The highlights are mentioned below. 

The opportunities for shared mobility in India

  • Low per capita vehicle ownership and a high share of public transit
  • Supportive framework for shared mobility
  • A young population and growing entrepreneurial culture
  • Growing smartphone penetration and internet connectivity

The current challenges for shared mobility in India

  • Infrastructure and services
  • Policy and regulatory
  • Behavioral
  • Data

Suggestions to achieve sustainable and equitable shared mobility 

  • Promote mass transit
  • Promote a high share of non-motorized transport modes
  • Build the infrastructure needed to support emerging shared mobility solutions
  • Promote high occupancy vehicles
  • Facilitate the integration of different modes
  • Enhance data availability and sharing
  • Promote micro-entrepreneurship
  • Ensure wider geographic coverage
  • Develop a mobility digital infrastructure
  • Consider fiscal and non-fiscal measures to support the adoption of shared mobility
  • Create a framework to ensure the safety and security of shared mobility services Measure state performance in transport reforms

These shared mobility points highlighted can be used for the promotion and encouragement of EVs shared mobility. As in India, almost everyone uses public or shared mobility transportation for their everyday commutes. Hope we can achieve 80% of EV global shared mobility by 2040. 

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