April 14, 2024

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eBikeGo ties up with UrDa Mobility for shared e-mobility in India

eBikeGo ties up with UrDa Mobility

eBikeGo ties up with UrDa Mobility for shared e-mobility recently. The shared mobility will increase to 30% by 2030 and further increased to 50% by 2040 in India.

eBikeGo ties up with UrDa Mobility for shared e-mobility in India

The ride-sharing market at micro-mobility is expected to reach USD 30 Billion by 2030.

UrDa Mobility with Ahamani e-scooters

UrDa Mobility will initiate the shared mobility services with Ahamani e-scooters which is said to have 250 kgs load capacity, high gradeability, etc.

eBikeGo ties up with UrDa Mobility-IOMT technology

The battery life cycles are also high with the advanced IOMT technology which will not find in any other brands.

Electric scooter speed & range 

The speed of the electric scooter is 85km/hr and the range is 80–120 km. It will also offer its UrDa speed which charges the scooter in just 20 minutes up to 100%.

UrDa Mobility, Director & Chief of Strategy 

UrDa Mobility, Director & Chief of Strategy, Mr. Ankit Kumar, said that apart fromTaiwan, India is their first expansion and we want to bring change in the way of commuting.

We are looking for Indian based solutions, focusing on the last mile to last mile and also long term solutions.

UrDa Mobility start operating in 2019

The company will start operating by the year-end of 2019. It is aiming to bring in 100,000 e-scooters on Indian roads in the next few years.

UrDa Mobility partnership with eBikeGo

He added that it has made a partnership with a leading shared mobility company in India eBikeGo.

eBikeGo, Founder

eBikeGo, Founder, Dr. Irfan Khan, said that we are very proud to announce the tie-up with UrDa Mobility to change the way one commutes and how cities are operating in a smarter, cleaner and sustainable way.


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