December 09, 2019

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Electric kick scooters-Is it used in Bengaluru?

Electric kick scooters

Electric kick scooters are popular in foreign countries but can we use it in India. The kick scooters are popular for their unique feature is escaping from the huge traffic jams easily. The electric kick scooters, a stand-up foldable is gaining the popularity in Bengaluru.

Electric kick scooters-Is it used in Bengaluru?

As it is convenient for the last-mile connectivity. But in India, there is a lack of charging infrastructure, high cost, clogged roads, and quality of roads are the poor responses received by the experts.

As the government is aggressively making moves to push the use of electric vehicles. We can expect the e-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds, and e-skateboards to be popular in the future.

Bengaluru’s bicycle mayor Sathya Sankaran said, “Electric kick scooters will become popular in Bengaluru. The major hurdle is lack of infrastructure. In foreign cities, they have well-maintained footpaths and roads, so they can use them without fear.”

Sanket Agarwal from Swagtron

Sanket Agarwal from Swagtron, Ahmedabad based kick scooters firm sells the electric kick scooters and hoverboards said that the demand for it is growing in Bengaluru, people are using it in private space and large campuses such as educational institutes and tech parks. From the main gate to the workplace it takes 15 minutes to walk, this can be avoided using the kick scooters and can reach in just 5 minutes.

People do not use it for longer distances such as in public places as it is crowded and lack of sufficient infrastructure.

The electric kick scooters weighing around 150 kg and offer a speed of 30 kmph. They are available in the range between Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000. On a single charge, they can run for 20km. The vehicles can be locked and it has the options to switch the riding modes and trips can be planned with the help of the GPS using an app. It comes with a handbrake and thumb throttle for acceleration.

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