June 15, 2024

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Green Number Plates To Electric Vehicles In India

green number plates

The Green EV revolution in India has begun. Indian government took a nice decision by allocating green number plates to EVs. This change will definitely grab the attention of the public in India to choose electric vehicles in the coming future.

The electric vehicles in India get some special benefits like free parking, free entry into certain areas and also exemption from toll gate charges.

Green Number Plates To EVs

white numbering to Private Vehicles

Electric vehicles in India will get a new green number plate. According to the new law, the private electric vehicles will have a green backing and white fonts. These will also be applicable to electric busses and other electric commercial vehicles that are road legal. This additional identity will make the EVs in India a better look on roads.

Green Number Plates

Yellow numbering to Commercial Vehicles

The commercial electric vehicles will have a green backing and Yellow fonts. At present, EV makers like Mahindra and Tata are manufacturing private and commercial electric vehicles. Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari said, “The government has approved distinctive green license plates for electric vehicles to encourage people to use electric vehicles.


No Licence required for Youth between  16-18 age

green number plates

Indian government proposed a law stating ‘The youth between the age of 16-18 to ride electric scooters without a license’. Currently, youth between 16-18 years are only allowed to ride mopeds under 50cc. The government has also pushed for a reduction of GST on electric batteries from 28 percent to 12 percent which make electric cars even cheaper.

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