May 27, 2024

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Revolt Intellicorp to launch in June 2019

Revolt Intellicorp

Revolt Intellicorp to launch in June 2019. The electric motorbike is from Revolt motors, the Micromax co-founder, Rahul Sharma’s company.

Revolt Intellicorp to launch in June 2019

India is the world’s largest two-wheeler market with over 21 million units of annual sales. The sale of electric two-wheeler is only 1.26 lakhs which is less than the 0.4 percent of the total two-wheelers count.

Invested Rs 500crore in 2017 to set up an electric two-wheeler

He invested Rs 500crore in 2017 to set up an electric two-wheeler manufacturing company, Revolt Intellicorp, its capacity is of one million units.

However, there are manufacturers showing interest in manufacturing electric two-wheelers such as Hero Electric, Ather Energy, Ampere vehicles, etc, so the competition is a little tough.

The Co-Founder Rahul Sharma is confident about his upcoming electric two-wheeler with the strong team, sound research, and most important component battery.

Rahul Sharma says, 

“Indian automobile market is like a feature phone market which is now on the cusp of transforming,” said Rahul Sharma, founder of electric two-wheeler companies, Revolt Intellicorp.

As the government wants the entire two-wheelers category to be electrified by 2025, there are more chances to get success.

Sharma claimed a top speed of 100 Km/hr

Sharma wanted to invest in an electric two-wheeler but started his own company. He claims that his product can go up to a top speed of 100 Km/hr with the three riding modes, economy, city and sports.

Swapping stations for swapping batteries 

The range and battery pack details didn’t reveal but it will have swappable batteries and charging can be done with its own developed swapping stations.

The two-wheeler will get FAME-II Scheme

The company’s products are 50 percent localized and get the subsidy benefit of FAME-II scheme. 

“His core understanding of customer profile which he wants to target is the same. This knowledge will work for him.

Counterpoint Research, Consulting Director says, 

He has the right ingredients he just needs to make the right recipe to crack the Indian two-wheeler market,” said Vinay Piparsania Consulting Director, Counterpoint Research.

Talking about the threat from Chinese companies that he suffered in mobile space he says “Mobile Phone made in China can be sold here. But automobile manufactured can’t because there is a lot of things like the environment, testing, and homologation,”

“Moreover, in China, high-powered two-wheelers are not allowed. So, there is no such threat as such,” says Sharma about the threat from Chinese companies, he suffered in mobile space.


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