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Electric Vehicles Asia Summit 2019

Electric Vehicles Asia Summit

Block your dates for an Electric Vehicles Summit- Electric Vehicles Asia, South East Asia will conduct a two days summit in Singapore from 12-13 March 2019.

Electric Vehicles Asia Summit 2019

The future of mobility is electric and greener as the region’s key markets including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines opting Electric Vehicles for public and private transportation purposes.

After achieving great success in 2018, IQPC’s Electric Vehicles Asia summit is back in 2019 to tackle, solve and look for the challenges and opportunities for South-East Asia’s EV market.

This Summit focuses on the latest insights and networking opportunities with leading regulators, vehicle OEMs, power and utility companies, Infrastructure developers, battery and energy storage providers and transport companies.

Future of Electric vehicles in Asia

  • 54 % of new cars sold globally in 2040 will be Electric Vehicles
  • 56% of the value of sales of electric vehicles is and will remain in East Asia
  • Stored electricity is to be the largest power source for hybrid electric vehicles by 2022
  • By 2020, EVs are likely to cost the same as conventional fuel powered equivalents
  • Government Policy will continue to be the linchpin for electric vehicle adoption

Agenda Of The Summit

First Day

  • OEM- Future Business Models of An Automotive OEM
  • Creating Future Cities with Self-Driving Vehicles
  • What Will Cars Look Like in 2025?
  • Speed Networking across AV & EV Attendees
  • Transforming transport with E-Mobility, Connectivity and Autonomous Driving
  • Switching to Low Carbon Public Transport in the Philippines
  • Rolling-Out a Large Scale EV Fleet in Singapore
  • Moving Toward an All-Electric National Car and Upcoming Initiatives for Malaysia
  • Transitioning to a Shared, Electric, and Automated Mobility System

Second Day 

  • Snapshot of South-East Asia’s Electric Vehicle Market
  • Financing Your EV Initiative: What Makes a Project Investable?
  • Trends in Battery Technology and Its Impact on EV Adaptability
  • Building a Strong Ecosystem for E-Mobility and the Role of the Stakeholders Involved
  • Public-Private Partnership Opportunities for the EV Market
  • Creating a Commercially Successful Charging Network
  • Combined Charging System & Why a single standard will help the development of EV in a region
  • Industry Partnerships for Advancing EV infrastructure in Asia

Some Of The Speakers Of the Event

Government Officials

  • Chiu Wen Tung, Group Director, Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Duncan Kay, Head of Vehicle Engineering, Department of Transport (DfT), United Kingdom
  • Zsolt Szalay, Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Featured speakers

  • Maneesh Tripathi, Group CEO and Executive Director, Singapore Electric Vehicles (SEV)
  • Pang-Mei Yee, Vice President of Innovation, Solutions Delivery & Service Management – Asia Pacific, DHL
  • Mahesh Shinde, GM, ERC (Indoor Testing), Tata Motors
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