June 22, 2024

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India’s EV Conclave in Chennai was a blast for enthusiasts

India’s EV Conclave in Chennai was a blast for enthusiasts

The India EV Conclave held in Chennai was a great success and was well attended by a large number of participants. The passionate advocates of electric vehicles had a blast at the conference. It was informative and a great time for everyone.

Climate change and environmental degradation are driving a rapid shift towards electric mobility in the global transportation sector. EV technology has evolved significantly in the past decade, and government policy has accelerated this shift.

The race to electrification is being contested by several Indian states, but Tamil Nadu, with an aim to attract upwards of Rs 50,000 crore of investments in the electric vehicle ecosystem, is leading the pack. Due to its pro-industry and consumer policies, Tamil Nadu has established itself as the new hub for electric mobility in India.

Tamil Nadu’s government, in partnership with India’s leading B2B automotive brand, Autocar Professional, hosted the INDIA EV CONCLAVE to explore and discuss current challenges in e-mobility. It is the largest and most comprehensive event dedicated to the entire ecosystem of electric mobility in India, the India EV Conclave. An important aspect of the conference is that it will provide the industry and government with a comprehensive platform and showcase to present challenges, opportunities, and solutions to the issues they face.

As a platform for game-changing EV technologies that promise a sustainable future, the one-day industry gathering will act as a forum for industry and government leaders to exchange ideas.

Electrifying tomorrow: Navigating the transition to an electric vehicle was the theme for the event.

There was a great deal of information presented at the event regarding the EV industry as expected. A selection of topics included insight from industry leaders, experts, policymakers, and founders of EV start-ups, discussions and direction on the challenges and opportunities within the EV ecosystem, technology showcases, and investment insights.

The following were the panel topics that were discussed at the conference:

  • Evolution of India’s EV landscape
  • Two-wheelers are leading the EV charge
  • Building the supply chain (Battery Systems, EV Drivetrains)
  • Policy enablers and regulatory impact
  • Transformation of last-mile mobility
  • Strengthening EV Charging Infrastructure



Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Ltd’s CEO Suman Mishra has expressed her pleasure at attending the Autocar EV Conclave in Chennai on her social media account. A fun and informative experience was having a stimulating discussion with passionate advocates of electric vehicles on the challenges and opportunities of last-mile electrification.

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