June 24, 2024

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Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept Car

Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept

Nissan IMQ hybrid, purely a concept car was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show. 179.4 inches long little shorter than the Nissan Rogue with the tall beltline and super skinny windows. The car body structure has simple panels but lots of sharp lines. Read further to know more about the Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept Car. 

Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept Car

Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for design at Nissan, said, “The interior and exterior are seamlessly blended together, signaling what our design direction may be for Nissan’s third generation of crossovers in Europe.

The most obvious part of the design is the larger roof spoiler emerging from the glass roof. Nissan’s taillight ‘boomerang’ has been reshaped little for the IMQ and vehicles lines are particularly made to improve the aerodynamic performance.

Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept

The car includes cameras instead of mirrors, a distinct lack of door handles and overstyled 22-inch wheels. It has rear doors and no B-pillar. The interior is made with the special traditional “technical” fabric four seats which recalls the traditional Japanese kumiko woodworking.

33.1-inch Screen Provides Information About Car’s Functions

A 33.1-inch screen shows the information about the car’s functions and the smaller screen helps as IMQ Virtual Personal Assistant. The driver can control the system by requesting certain functions such as navigation and voice-recognition software.

Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept
Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept

Technical Details Of Nissan IMQ Hybrid

That was all about the appearance of IMQ now let us talk about the technical details of it.

It uses e-Power series-hybrid powertrain, a gasoline engine is used to create energy for electric motors. It has turbocharged 1.5-liter gas engine with multiple motors with 335 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

The Bridgestone Connect 22-inch tires make the car look more advanced technology. It has embedded sensors which gives information on tire load, pressure, the temperature and can help the drivers to be more safely regarding the stability control and grip conditions.

Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept
Nissan IMQ Hybrid Concept

It is equipped with ProPilot Assist version, which assists the driver during the rides on highways. It has a unique feature Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) which Nissan had introduced at CES, it collects the information from the various sources and sensors to give “mixed reality” information about the traffic jams, alternative routes, and other road information.

Therefore with all the advanced technology features Nissan IMQ can be the best hybrid car which will be launch in upcoming days. 

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