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Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Maharashtra

Electric Vehicle Market Condition

Electric Vehicle market is growing rapidly in the country due to its Eco-friendly nature and Cost-effective features. Maharashtra, the most popular State with its fast-paced capital city Mumbai is much-developed State in the country. Let us understand the Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Maharashtra. 

It ranked at the second top with 34,613 number of Electric Vehicles in India as of 5th March 2019 according to FAME INDIA.


Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Maharashtra

To evaluate any industry’s market structure, some key factors need to be considered. Especially, when it comes to the electric vehicle industry, which is unknown to many Indians, the key factors to look for is Government support, Policies, awareness, and sales report.

Maharashtra EV Policy 2018-23 to Support Eco-Friendly Mobility

Maharashtra Government Electric Policy Highlights-


  • To develop Maharashtra as the leader in EV manufacturing and use of EV.
  • To create newer employment opportunities.
  • To promote the export of EV, components, battery and charging equipment.
  • To promote R&D, innovation and skill development in EV Sector.
  • To promote sustainable transport system.

Policy Targets

  • Increase the number of EV registered in Maharashtra to 5 lakhs.
  • To generate an investment of Rs.25,000 crores in EV, EV manufacturing and component manufacturing, battery manufacturing/assembly enterprises and charging infrastructure equipment manufacturing in the state.
  • To create jobs for 100,000 persons.


  • Promotion of adoption of EV technology: To increase the viability of EV by way of providing fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.
  • Promotion of creation of dedicated infrastructure for charging of EVs: Through subsidization of investment.
  • Promotion of R&D and Innovation: To promote the establishment of Research & Development Centers and Center of Excellence across the state.

Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Maharashtra

Maharashtra Government Support for Electric Vehicle

EV Charging Infrastructure

  • Domestic user facility (Individual).
  • Public charging facilities at government facilities, bus depots, railway stations, 2 fuel stations etc.
  • Common charging facilities at malls, residential building, educational institutions etc.
  • Commercial charging facilities- roadside, fuel stations etc.
  • Petrol pumps will be allowed to set up charging station freely subject to charging station areas qualifying fire & safety standard norms of relevant authorities under relevant acts/rules.
  • Commercial public EV charging stations for 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, cars, and buses will be eligible for 25% capital subsidy on equipment/machinery (limited up to Rs. 10 lacs per station) for first 250 commercial public EV charging stations.

Pioneer units:

One Pioneer unit in EV/EV components & one in the battery manufacturing sector will be considered separately in each category.



  • Incentives for EV Manufacturing, EV Component Manufacturing and EV Battery Manufacturing/Assembly Enterprises, Manufacturers of Electrical Battery Chargers.
  • Incentives & provisions for EV Buyer (Incentives for only Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).)
  • The government of Maharashtra to promote EV in public transport in six cities- Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Thane, Nagpur, and Nashik.
  • First 10000 EV private/public passenger bus buyer whose vehicles are registered in the state will be eligible for user subsidy over a policy period of 5 years.
  • 10% subsidy for passenger buses registered in the State to private/public bus transport buyer (Rs. 20 lacs per vehicle) will be eligible to the buyer. The subsidy will be transferred to the buyer’s bank account within 3 months of purchase date.
  • First 100,000 EV (2 wheeler-70,000, 3 wheeler-20,000 and 4 wheeler-10,000 all categories combined) registered in the State, private transporter and individual buyer to get end-user subsidy over policy period of 5 years.
  • 15% subsidy (maximum limit of Rs.5,000 for 2 wheeler, Rs. 12,000 for 3 wheeler, and Rs 1 lac for 4 wheeler) per vehicle to private transport and individual buyer for Electrical Vehicles registered in the State, on base price will be paid to the buyer. A subsidy will be transferred to the buyer’s bank account within 3 months of purchase date.
  • Exemption from road tax and registration fees for Electric Vehicles.
  • Management Framework for Policy Implementation
  • A High Power Committee will be constituted at the state level to monitor the implementation of this Policy, and develop procedures and modalities where required.

Electric Vehicle Awareness Programmes in Maharashtra 

  • Promotion of R&D, Innovation and Skill Development in EV Sector
  •  Establishment of the center of excellence and research and development centers, finishing schools and other employment-oriented centers.
  • The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE), Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS) and other agencies will institute training-based certification and placement programmes.
  • They would collaborate with the National Automotive Board (NAB) and other associations to understand their human resource requirements, merit-based, defined certification and placement procedure shall be instituted so that appropriate manpower is created for the EV industry.


Electric Vehicle Dealers in Maharashtra

There are many electric vehicle dealers in India, as India leads in two-wheelers and three-wheelers market many dealers are two and three-wheelers. Some of the EV dealers are Ved Motors, Hero electrics, Ampere electric, Maharashtra Electric Vehicle etc.

Let us now look into some statics of Electric Vehicle Market Condition.

Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report Of Maharashtra As Of 5th of March 2019. 

Wheeler Type Maharashtra(Model) Total
null Three Wheelers (Category L5 slow speed as per CMVR) 6
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L1 & L2 as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR)) 2654
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L2 (CMVR)) 2583
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Max power not exceeding 250 Watts) 10208
3 Wheelers Three Wheelers (Category L5 as per CMVR) 3
4 Wheelers Passenger Cars (Category M1 as per CMVR) 19176
Buses LCVs (Category N1 as per CMVR) 2
Total 34632


According to FAME INDIA reports as of 5th March 2019,

Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Maharashtra

  • Three Wheelers-(Category L5 slow speed as per CMVR) 6
  • Two Wheelers-(Category L1 & L2 as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR))-2654
  • Two Wheelers-(Category L2 (CMVR))-2583
  • Two Wheelers-(Max power not exceeding 250 Watts)-10208
  • Three Wheelers (Category L5 as per CMVR)-3
  • Passenger Cars (Category M1 as per CMVR)-19176
  • Buses LCVs-(Category N1 as per CMVR)-2
  • Total number of EVs in the state34632



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