July 18, 2024

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India’s First Electric Golf Cart- Rexnamo Golf Cart REX2069K

India Electric golf cart

Rexnamo is an Indian based eco-friendly company mainly engages with energy efficient lighting, solar and automotive services to customers. Electric Golf cart REX2069K is one of the latest and greatest inventions in India. REX2069K is India’s first fully electric Golf Cart.

India Electric golf cart

Specifications of the Electric Golf Cart

  • Top speed of 25Km/h
  • A maximum range of 75Km
  • Electric Gearbox release zero carbon emissions.
  • The minimum turning radius of 6 meters
  • Total load capacity of 738 Kgs
  • Battery capacity of 185Ah which can run for 5 hours
  • 5KW chines motor is used for optimum performance
  • Passenger capacity of 8 Members
  • Maximum load capacity of 640Kgs
  • Maximum displacement after braking at speed of 20km/h is less than 4m

Electric Golf Cart Year of Launch

Rexnamo Golf Cart has launched in the year 2018.

Rexnamo Golf Cart REX2069K Price

The price of Rexnamo Golf Cart is RS.725,504.Rexnamo company headquarters in Uttar Pradesh, India.EMI facility is also available to buy Rexnamo Golf Cart.

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