April 11, 2024

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Your Dream Helicopter is a Reality now-F Helix Electric Helicopter

f helix helicopter

From a kid to a senior citizen every one’s dream is to travel in Air.F-Helix Electric Helicopter will help all their dreams comes true. Helicopters are no longer a billionaires dream. A common man can also buy a helicopter.

F-Helix Helicopter is a modern solution to general problems like initial cost, poor controls
and maintenance.F-Helix is an Italian Company. Its four objectives are:

To create an electric helicopter
To reduce the Initial Cost
To improve the flight Characteristics
To Simplify maintenance

F-Helix E-Helicoptr Gallery

Features of F-Helix

  1. Runs with a 2 E-Fan engine
  2. Seating capacity of 4
  3. Maximum take-off weight is 1,900 LB =896kG.
  4. Lithium-ion battery with a storage capacity of 250watts.

electric helicopter

F-Helix E-Helicopter Specifications

  • Maximum battery capacity of 2 hours
  • A maximum range of 281Km
  • Lithium battery pack capacity 1.062 LB
  • Maximum speed at Sea level 170 kM
  • Cruising speed 140 KM
  • Weight empty 160 KG

electric helicopter

F-Helix E-Helicoptr Dimensions

helicopter helicopter

F-Helix Navigation App

Navigation app helps the pilot to find the air traffic. Controls all flight traffic around you.shows control zone (CTR). Probibited zone alert.
Show flight level ground altitude, flight plan, ground speed. Algorithms to avoid route collision and help flight pilot to define the best flight plan, plane Safety increases.

F-Helix Mission

Not only useful for personal use. Useful in Agriculture, medical emergency, and load transportation.

F helix helicopter

F-Helix E-Helicopter Price


F-Helix E-helicopter price is currently not available. The expected price is around $25,000 to $75,000.



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