May 28, 2024

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The World’s First Electric Garbage Truck From Volvo

Electric Garbage Truck

VOLVO company is famous for Luxurious Busses and Heavy load Trucks. Recently, it has launched the worlds first electric garbage truck “the Volvo FE Electric”.Earlier Volvo released a heavy fully electric truck named as ‘the Volvo FL Electric’.The Volvo FE electric garbage truck can handle gross weights of up to 27 tonnes.

Theme Of Volvo Electric Garbage Truck

Electric Garbage Truck

The main theme of Volvo FE truck is to improve connectivity range in cities. A solution to the electrified transport problems. To improve air quality, reduce traffic noise, and cut congestion during peak hours.

Specifications Of Volvo Electric Garbage Truck

  1. Fully electrically-powered truck for distribution, refuse collection and other applications in urban conditions, GVW 27 tonnes.
  2. Driveline: Two electric motors with 370 kW max power (260 kW cont. power) with a Volvo 2-speed transmission. Max torque electric motors 850 Nm. Max torque rear axle 28 kNm.
  3. Energy storage: Lithium-ion batteries, 200-300 kWh.
  4. Range: Up to 200 km.
  5. Charging: Two different charging systems are available. CCS2: Maximum charge power 150 kW DC. Low Power Charging: Maximum charge power 22 kW AC.
  6. Charging time: From empty to fully charged batteries (300 kWh): CCS2 150 kW appr. 1.5 hours, Low power charging appr.10 hours.


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