June 15, 2024

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The World’s Most Powerful EBike- Neematic Electric Bike

neematic ebike

Neematic team is full of aspired young engineers. They reinvented the power of electricity with the invention of Fully electric off-road ebike.Electric vehicles family expanding rapidly in the world.

Neematic bike is the worlds most powerful and versatile ebike, with bicycle look, can be easily parked and transported.

neematic ebike electric bike

Specifications of Neematic ebike

Range and maximum speed

  • Top speed of 80Km/h
  • A maximum range of 100Km
  • Curb weight of Neematic 52Kg

neematic ebike

Motor Specifications

  1. 15 kW max power for a high performance.
  2. Two riding modes available: Twist throttle and
  3. Pedal assist modes along with 9 Speed level gearbox for pedaling

neematic ebike


  • 2.2 kWh capacity gives a nice boost
  • Li-ion Battery easy to remove and replace.
  • Full charge in  2.5 hours using a standard socket


Frame Structure

Lightweight aerodynamic Tubular frame.

Low Center of Gravity Design.

neematic ebike electric bike

Wheels Dimensions

26-inch front wheel and 24 inch rear wheel for perfect grip.

neematic ebike

Price of Neematic Electric Bike

Neematic Electric ebike price is 8000 USD.

neematic ebike price

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