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Eezon E3 Three Wheeled Electric Motorcycle

Eezon E3 Three Wheeled Electric Motorcycle

Eezon E3 is a three-wheel stylish electric motorbike for daily commuting. It is the safest electric motorcycle on earth. Unique technologies are implemented in this electric vehicle for safety and sustainability.

Eezon E3 Three Wheeled Electric Motorcycle

For the first time, in an electric three-wheeler reversing mode is enabled. By pressing a button allowing the driver to move the motorcycle backward without having to put their feet down.

Eezon E3 reverse mode

On the positive side, this electric motorcycle doesn’t require a motorcycle license to ride.

Safety features of Eezon e3

Eezon E3 Three Wheeled Electric Motorbike
Eezon E3

Eezon electric motorbike equips with the self-balancing system(SBS) intelligent propulsion system for a safe ride.

Features of Self Balancing System

Eezon E3 - handling mode

  • Helps the driver to maintain balance during riding
  • Reduces the physical effort in driving.
  • Improves safety conditions.

Handling Mode

Eezon E3 torque


The handling mode is a unique feature of the eezon e3 motorcycle, this mode helps riders to carry out any kind of manoeuver in small spaces with ease.

The manoeuver mode is a default feature in eezon e3 unless the driver decided to deactivate it.

Torque Vectoring


Torque vectoring is one more safety feature helps to control the steering and even the verticality of the electric motorbike with an intelligent management system. Using algorithms to predict when the motorcycle is going to lose control, the intelligent management system manages the power of each wheel to correct the trajectory.

Patented DIDTS system

Eezon patented an unique technology, the DIDTS System(Dual Inertial Damping and Tilting System), allows the driver to feel the same sensations as in a two-wheel motorcycle but with the safety of three wheelsers.

Specifications of Eezon E3

  • Top speed of 100 km/h
  • Acceleron of 0-50 km/h in 3.8 seconds
  • Dual driving modes – Eco/Performance
  • The maximum range of 325 km
  • Consumption (100km – WMTC) 4,9 kWh
  • Regenerative braking system

Dimensions of Eezon E3

  • L X W X H : 1951mm x 806mm x 996mm
  • Seat Height: 775 mm
  • wheelbase 1443 mm

Battery and Motor specifications

Eezon E3 specs

Air- cooled lithium-ion battery
Charge time: 1 hour 30 min- 2 hours 30 minute
Life cycles > 1100
Battery voltage 72VCC
Battery capacity 4-6 kWh
Brushless air-cooled motor
10 kW nominal power
Peak Power 19 kW
Peak Torque 340 Nm


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