May 28, 2024

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Yamaha Concept Electric Motorcycles Unveiled

Yamaha PES2 electric motorcycle

Yamaha has unveiled its future electric motorcycles PES2 and PED2 at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, almost three years from then, there is no update about these electric motorbikes. Most of the EV lovers don’t even know this news. In this article, I want to share the details about those electric vehicles.

Yamaha PES2 Electric Motorcycle

Yamaha PES2 electric motorcycle

The PES2 electric motorcycle is powered by a DC brushless motor with lithium-ion battery. The PES2 weighs less than 130 kilos. It is an offroad electric motorcycle.

  • Electric two-wheel drive.
  • Highly sensitive imaging.
  • Smart helmet.
  • CG(Computer graphic) animated on-screen displays.
  • Live navigation.
  • Advance rider assistance system.

Yamaha PED2 Electric Motorcycle

yamaha- ped2

The PED2 is a dual-sport model designed to explore mountain trails, weighs less than 100 kilos.

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