May 28, 2024

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Super Soco unveils 3 new electric motorcycles 

Super Soco

Super Soco unveils 3 new electric motorcycles

Electric two-wheelers are becoming the most interesting thing in the market all over the world. A most popular Britain’s electric motorcycles brand Vmoto Super Soco has unveiled three new electric motorbikes models- the electric motorcycles TS Street Hunter, TC Wanderer and CUmini electric scooter.

Super Soco

Super Soco

Super Soco TC Wanderer & TS Street Hunter electric motorcycles

The Super Soco’s new electric motorcycle model TC Wanderer is another variant of the company’s retro-style TC models.

Super Soco

If you look at its features, it has a round headlamp, plain bodywork, flyscreen, flat cafe race type seat. It has some key features that are something unique to the other models such as a circular Digi-analogue instrument cluster that has a security alarm, keyless ignition and 3 riding modes. It has a USD fork, disc brakes at the front and rear and completes LED lighting.

Super Soco

While we look at its technical specifications, both the motorcycles have similar specifications that include, they are powered by a 2,500W rear hub motor which produces a torque of 180NM. Both provide a top speed of 75 km/h and is equipped with a pair of 60V and 32Ah batteries that adds up to 3.84 kWh of capacity. With a single charge, it can give a maximum range of 200 km at the slow speed of 25 kmph, we don’t get 200 km range at the real-world speed we can expect around 120 km

Super Soco CUmini

Super Soco CUmini is an electric scooter from the company which is mostly designed for urban commutes. It is the new entry-level model in the Super Soco lineup and looks small in terms of design elements. But in terms of features, it does have LED lighting and keyless startup, tracking alarm status, GPS position, battery change (swapping options) and data via Super Soco’s smartphone app.

It provides a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and powers with a small 600W motor in the rear. It comes with a swappable 20Ah battery that weighs just 7.8kg. It offers a range of 60-70 km.

The company has not yet revealed the pricing but once it launches it will be the direct rivals to Kabira KM 4000 and KM 3000 and its electric scooter rival is Ampere Magnas Pro

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