June 15, 2024

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Delhi to bring a dedicated EV policy in July

Delhi to bring a dedicated EV policy in July

As electric vehicles (EVs) becoming buzz all around the world, especially in India. The stakeholders are forming new policies for the faster growth of EVs in the country. Delhi to bring a dedicated EV policy in July. 

Delhi to bring a dedicated EV policy in July

The Central government has already allocated ₹ 10,000 crores for the FAME 2 scheme and now Delhi government is coming up with a dedicated EV policy.

The Delhi government Transport Minister said that they are bringing their own EV policy to help people to adopt for EVs.

last mile solutions and public transport is the main focus 

They are looking for the last mile solutions and public transport, collaborating with private companies which will also become a helping hand to bring the EV infrastructure.

We will obtain EVs from manufacturers which will run on roads and will have the infrastructure to charge them.

EV policy in July 2019

The Delhi government was working on the EV policy since November last year and now is in the final stage to finalize and plans to bring out the policy in July 2019.

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) will opt electric buses from few automakers such as Tata Motors and BYD and charging facilities will be installed at the bus depots.

Major focus will be on electrification of mass transports

The major focus will be on electrification of mass transports. It will mainly focus on private adoption of EVs soon. It is planning to set up charging stations across the city and among others EESL among others will set up 250 charging stations (200 AC and 50 DC) in the city in the year.


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