July 13, 2020

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Bengaluru startup Lona offering electric bike on rent for Rs 10

Bengaluru startup Lona offering electric bike

Bengaluru startup Lona offering electric bike on rent for Rs 10

A Bengaluru based electric bike rental startup, Lona which just started its services a few days ago. The startup’s bright yellow electric bikes are grabbing the attention of people. The electric bikes were parked under the Benz circle flyover at the Ramesh Hospital junction which grabbed the attention of the passer-by and people stopped at started showing interest in the electric bikes parked. So let us see about Bengaluru startup Lona offering electric bike. 

Bengaluru startup Lona offering electric bike

Dr D. Hemant, marketing manager, Vijayawada said, “Within 72 hours of beginning operations, we have received almost 300 bookings.” Within 72 hours of services commencement, the startup has received almost 300 bookings for these electric bikes.

At present, there are 40 bikes placed in two spots, one near the Aayush Hospitals and the other at the Ramesh Hospital Junction and people can make use of these e-bike services round the clock at just Rs.10 per 30 minutes.

Bengaluru startup Lona offering electric bike

Lona Startup 

With a motto to provide ‘micro-mobility solution for your daily needs as well as it also curbs the pollution in the air. There are cabs providing services but e-bikes services are much affordable and don’t pollute the air.

The startup has chosen Vijaywada to cater their services as it is small in a geographical area and thought it is best suited to launch the e-bike services here.

Specifications of rental electric bikes

It offers a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour and it has a lithium-ion battery which gives a range of 70km on a single charge.

How to book e-bikes?

If you want to book this e-bike, you must download the APP, the APP will direct the person to the nearby location where the bike is parked. The customers who are using these e-bikes can leave the two-wheeler in any location and the company executives will pick it up and park at the designated spot.

After looking the response from the public, Dr Hemanth said that till March the company planned to launch more 1500 e-bikes to be placed at over 200 locations at a distance of 1.5Km.

Seeing these bikes, a delivery agent Sai Kishore said, “Sometimes when there is a problem with our bike, say a punctured tyre, we get worried about how to complete the delivery. Now we can take this bike and complete our delivery first, and then think about fixing the flat tyre.”

Seems these e-bikes is in likes of almost everyone there, why not? It is giving its services at cheaper rates without polluting the environment. 

(Source: The Hindu)

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