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10 Big Electric Vehicles news India this week

10 Big Electric Vehicles news

10 Big Electric Vehicles news India this week

1.BMW Group & Jaguar Land Rover partner to develop EV technology

10 Big Electric Vehicles news-BMW Group & Jaguar Land Rover are joining hands to develop EV technology. Both the companies announced that they are going to make next-generation electrification technology that supports the transition to ACES and will develop next-generation Electric Drive Units (EDUs). The companies will together be investing in research & development.

2.Air pollution taking lives

According to the UN, Every year worldwide around 7 million people die prematurely because of air pollution. If you see the last year’s number it was 6.3%. It impacts specifically the children, over 100,000 children die below the age of 5 due to bad air in the country.

India ranks at 3rd position in the world in terms of air pollution. You may not observe how much does your IC vehicle is polluting air. When you breathe you take inside your body a lot of toxic polluted air.

There are many manufacturers who are into making electric vehicles, making their efforts to tackle air pollution problems, imports from other countries, etc. 

You can opt an EV and contribute in reducing the air pollution causing by IC engine vehicles.

3. India’s first EV Tourism – B: Live 

Goa Embracing India’s First EV tourism through B: Live, India’s first Electric Vehicle tourism venture. The company with an objective to create a scalable and profitable business by driving sustainable and experimental tourism on EVs.

B: Lives offers experimental tours on electric cycles for tourists who want to experience the beauty of the Goa. It provides the well-qualified tourist guides who help the tourists in exploring hidden gems of Goa. The electric cycles are available for all age groups and walk of life to participate without breaking the sweat.

B: Live offers curated, guided tours with a high degree of experience related to Heritage, culture, food, history, architecture.

The company will also launch in Puducherry, Gujarat with the partnership with State tourism and further plans to launch in Mysore, Chandigarh, Hampi, Coorg, Ooty, Lonavla, Diu, Andaman, Jaipur, Kerala by end of the year.

4. Sahara Group To enter into EVs business under the brand ‘Sahara Evols’

Sahara Group to enter into the Electric Vehicles (EV) business under the brand name ‘Sahara Evols’. The Sahara India Pariwar, an Indian conglomerate which operates in finance, infrastructure & housing, media & entertainment, health care, education, etc. to foray into the automobile sector with various products such as electric scooters, motorcycles, three-wheelers, and cargo vehicles.

The company will introduce a network of battery-charging -cum-swapping stations. It will start its ecosystem establishment from Lucknow to the other Tier-II and III cities of the country.

Sahara India Pariwar Chairman Subrata Roy said, “We are proud to introduce for the first time, a complete ecosystem of electric vehicles in India. Sustainable and environment-friendly modes of transportation are the need of the time. The Sahara Evols range of electric vehicles is going to be our contribution, towards alternative, sustainable, and eco-friendly modes of transportation.”

The cost for their EVs will as low as 20 paise per kilometer against the cost of Rs 2 per kilometer on petrol vehicles. The EVs will be powered by dry lithium-ion batteries.

5. Mahindra Electric EVs sales rise 2.5 times

The Indian company based in Bangalore which does designing and manufacturing of compact electric vehicles is witnessing the growth in the sales of its EVs.

It has a range of Electric vehicles such as sedan e-Verito, van e-Supro, compact car e2o in the four-wheeler category and in three-wheelers it has Treo which had a sales of 4,026 units in 2017-18.

6. For the introduction of EVs Kerala seeks the expertise of University of Birmingham

Kerala Government officials (team) visited the University of Birmingham on Wednesday to know how to improve and develop the EVs in the state. They wanted to understand how the research experts work with policy-makers that helps in introducing the EVs in the State.

Kerala’s Transport Minister A K Saseendran, the delegation of senior officials formulate the State’s policy in EVs met with various scientists and Costas Constantinou, Professor of Communication Electrodynamics of Birmingham.

The minister and other delegates were welcomed by Professor Robin Mason, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International). Professor Mason said, “The University of Birmingham has deep expertise in a number of scientific and engineering specialisms relating to electric vehicles.

We hope to work closely with the state government in helping the people of Kerala adopt this environment-friendly form of transport.”
Kerala is deploying 10 electric buses on inter-city routes and intends to tender for another 1,500 electric buses going forward.

7. EV gets green number plates in Bihar, 50% tax concession for EV

To promote eco-friendly vehicles, the state transport department issued an order to change the background color EVs number plates.

Within June the electric vehicles including electric auto-rickshaws and electric motorbikes number plates will be changed as ordered by the State transport department.

There are around 15,000 electric vehicles which include motorbike are on the roads of Bihar and 6,000 are in Patna. With these, the department is also looking to bring in EVs removing the fuel based auto rickshaws in several years.

The district transport officer, Ajay Kumar Thakur said that the government is giving 50% tax concession to electric vehicles.

8. Hero Electric announced the expansion, opens 15 new dealerships

The Hero Electric announced that is planning to expand its EV segment. It is planning to open 15 new dealerships in the next two months.

Currently, the company holds the 600 touch points mark in India. And with the expansion of its network, it has eight new dealerships in Guwahati, Una, Kaithal & Rohtak, Baranagar, Shriwal, and Thenkasi.

9. MG Motors will make electric cars in India

MG Motors will manufacture its electric cars in India. Its global electric vehicle MG eZS will be manufactured at the company’sHalol facility in Gujarat.

The MG eZS electric car was unveiled in April 2019 and will launch in December 2019.

“The MG EZS, as one of the first locally produced global EVs, will mark a new chapter in environment-friendly mobility in India. We are delighted to be one of the first carmakers to enter this space in India. We aim to bring accessible electric motoring to the customers in India upon its introduction by the end of this year,” said Rajeev Chaba, president, and managing director, MG Motor India.

The company till date made an investment of Rs 2,200 crore at its plant and installed an all-new assembly line, a press shop, a body shop, a parts distribution center, a testing track and a new state-of-the-art training facility at the plant in 18 months.

10. Greaves cotton launched high-speed Electric scooter, Ampere Zeal

Ampere Zeal high-speed Electric scooter launched by Greaves Cotton. It is priced at Rs. 66,950 (ex-showroom). It is getting a government subsidy of Rs.18,000 under the FAME II scheme.

Ampere electric vehicles come with one to three-year warranty and after-sales service network with over 300 Greaves retail stores and in over 5,000 aftermarket outlets in India.

The kerb weight of the electric scooter is just 78 kg and gives a top speed if 55 kmph. It provides a range of 75 km on a fully charged battery. The battery charging time required is 5-6 hours.

This was the 10 Big Electric Vehicles news this week from India. For any doubts, queries regarding 10 Big Electric Vehicles news comment below. 

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