June 13, 2024

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Hero Electric announced expansion, opens 15 new dealerships

Hero Electric

Electric vehicles are all everywhere today with the rapid growth of EVs, The Hero Electric announced that is planning to expand its EV segment. It is planning to open 15 new dealerships in the next two months.

Hero Electric announced the expansion, opens 15 new dealerships

The pioneer and market leader in the Indian Electric Two-Wheeler industry will expand its dealer network in Eastern and Central parts of India.

The aim of this expansion is to build and make stronger its network across all key markets. It is planning to open 15 new dealerships in the next two months.

The dealerships include advanced services, for proving services after sales it has equipped the highly trained and qualified professionals. The services from them are also available for the existing customers of Hero Vehicles.

Hero Electric currently has 600 touch points in India 

Currently, the company holds the 600 touch points mark in India. And with the expansion of its network, it has eight new dealerships in Guwahati, Una, Kaithal & Rohtak, Baranagar, Shriwal, and Thenkasi.

New dealership at Assam, Gujarat, Haryana

The new dealership also added as some new points such as Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.

The new 15 dealerships will be in the cities such as Amta in West Bengal, Timarani in Madhya Pradesh, Hazipur in Bihar and Pratapura in Chhattisgarh, etc.

The company wants to be available for every state in India. It focuses the 1500 touch points in coming 2 years in the country.

Sohinder Gill, a CEO, Hero Electric India

Sohinder Gill, a CEO, Hero Electric India, said, “At Hero Electric, we aim to provide Eco-friendly mobility solutions to people. We are proud to have the largest dealer network across the country and recently crossed 600 touch points.”

He added, “Our Eco-friendly products are accessible to many more people across India, enabling every Indian to have a chance to use zero emission, sustainable mobility solutions from Hero Electric. We are planning to open over 1500 touch points in the next 2 years to penetrate the most interior parts of the country.”

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