April 08, 2021

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Volttic Charging station

EV charging station

Volttic charging station

It’s an undeniable fact that charging stations are the backbone for mass EV adaption. This is due to the requirement of recharging electric vehicles in a public place. Most electric vehicles may not require a particular area to set up like a fuel station. The installation of recharging stations requires a tiny portion of space that is usually available at public parking spaces. Establishing a charging network might be difficult for most Electric Vehicle manufacturers. So, a third-party charging station might help the expansion of the charging network. Volttic Charging station is one such company that can make charging stations to meet the demand.

About Volttic

Volttic is an Electric vehicle charging solutions company with its corporate office in Noida. The top-level management in Volttic consists of people from Electrical, Mechanical and Software backgrounds. Volttic charging stations is on a mission to provide sustainable and reliable charging infrastructure for mass adaption of electric vehicles.

Technical overview

Volttic charging stations offer Bharat AC01 Charger, Bharat DC01 charger, Type 2 and DC fast charging station CCS/CHAdeMO. The data related to charging stations are also under Volttic’s cloud content management system(CMS). Volttic also provided a dedicated app for its customers which indicates their nearest charging station and relevant technical information. The charging solutions from Volttic are available for individuals, Electric vehicle fleet owners and Electric vehicle companies.


Volttic has successful operations in cities like Gurugram and Bengaluru. The charging station equipment is installed by their own personnel which is simple and time-saving for Electric vehicle owners. By increasing the frequency of charging stations like Volttic, the Charging network becomes more reliable. With the increase in the number of charging stations, the range anxiety of electric vehicle drivers can also reduce significantly.

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