March 03, 2021

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‘One Delhi’ App will now locate EV charging stations too 

'One Delhi'

‘One Delhi’ App will now locate EV charging stations too 

Delhi government is doing a great job to curb the pollution levels in the National Capital city of India. Last week, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had launched ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign to promote the adoption of electric vehicles to reduce the pollution levels in Delhi.

It is taking as much as possible steps to reduce pollution from the city. In an initiative to that IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur and Teri have developed a technology for real-time source apportionment of pollution. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had a meeting with the experts to implement it.

In an initiative to reduce the pollution levels in the city, the government last year had launched ‘Green Delhi App’. This APP allows you to complain anything related to pollution by uploading audio, pictures and videos from Delhi and the uploaded media file will automatically trace the location from where the complaint has been raised and solves the complaint in the given time.

‘One Delhi’

To curb the pollution levels in the city, apart from Odd-even driving, red-light on-engine off, EV policy etc initiatives, the Delhi government in its another latest initiative is upgrading its common mobility application ‘One Delhi’ to provide information about electric vehicles charging stations near you and it will also have some other features too. The App will be likely to completely upgraded in March.


EV users need not worry about charging their electric vehicles, this App can solve any issues related to charging stations. With one click users can locate the EV charging stations near to them. This App will be a great help for EV users to find charging stations around them once it is fully upgraded.

The government has targeted a vision of at least 25% of vehicles that are purchased in Delhi should be electric vehicles by 2024 to curb the pollution levels. He started a ‘Switch Delhi’ Campaign to bring awareness about electric vehicles among people.

The CM last week said that Around 6,000 electric vehicles have been purchased by the people since the new EV policy was announced last year in Delhi. But he says it is not sufficient we need to take this numbers to next level. He also said that the tenders have been issued for the charging stations installation and 100 charging stations will be install all over Delhi.

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