June 03, 2023

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Top EV Charger Manufacturers in India

Top EV Charger Manufacturers in India

Top EV Charger Manufacturers in India

Charing an electric vehicle (EV) is like fueling providing energy to it which is very important for an EV to run. As India is in towards building the charging infrastructure stage for more and more EVs adoption it is very important for us to know some of the top EV charger manufacturers in India which provide charging solutions.

According to the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, electric vehicles sold in India including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers in 2017-2018 was 56,000 units, 1,29,600 units in 2018-2019 and 1,55,400 in 2019-2020. Lack of charging stations or charging facilities is said to be one of the major barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles but there are many initiatives is been taking place by the government and some of the private companies and some individuals too.

The government of India has given some guidelines and incentives for the companies and individuals too to promote the growth of adoption of electric vehicles in India. You can find complete details here Charging Station Infrastructure Requirements in India. So let us look for some of the top EV charger manufacturers in India list

It provides ‘socket-to-software’ solutions for EV charging and has been the first-timers to bring in product and technology innovation in EV space like ChargeGrid Flare (A streetlamp integrated EV charger) and ChargeGrid Series for private, public, and community use).

2. Exicom Power Solutions

Top EV Charger Manufacturers in India

Exicom Power Solutions is a Gurgaon based leading mobility solutions provider. It is providing all kind of EV chargers including Level 1-AC slow charging, Level 2-AC fast charging and Level 3 DC charging. It also has a global combined AC & DC charge solution. Last year, it had partnered with MG Motor India to Re-Use of Electric Vehicle Batteries.

Its chargers can charge all types of EVs ranging from 30 kW to 150 kW. They also developed software to connect charging services with payment platforms.

The EV charger has 3-output connectors compatible with CHAdeMO(quick charging method), CCS and Type 2 AC. The companies new R&D centre infrastructure is equipped to test battery quality, battery pack design and conducting environmental tests.

3. ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri)

ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) is the world’s leading power industry. It is a technology leader in power grids, electrification products, industrial automation, and robotics, and motion, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally for 130 years. It works closely with utility, transport, industry and infrastructure customers in 100 countries.

Last year, the company had signed an MoU with Ashok Leyland to develop e-buses for India. ABB has installed a Terra 53 fast-charging station for electric vehicles at NITI Aayog. Based on international charging standards for EVs, the charger converts alternating current (AC) from the grid to the direct current (DC) used by EV batteries.

It has showcased a Terra HP fast-charging system, which has a capacity to power up the car for 200 km in a single charge in just 8 minutes.

4. RRT Electro Power (P) LTD

RRT Electro Power (P) LTD is an experienced power electronics company. It manufactures various products including Battery charger, DC Fasting charging station, DC To DC Converter, DC-DC converter based battery-operated vehicles, Electric soft starter for DC motor, etc.

Its electric vehicles chargers DC fast charger, battery charger, DC fast charging, Dc-Dc Converter, etc.

5. Delta Electronics India

Top EV Charger Manufacturers in India

Delta Electronics India is a leading power and energy management company that offers various EV charging solutions. Its chargers include an AC charger, DC quick charger.

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