September 23, 2023

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Electric Vehicle-Zero Emissions, Is this true?

Electric Vehicle – Zero Emissions

Electric Vehicle – Zero Emissions, Is this true?

Analyzing from the root of electric vehicles (Manufacturing) 

All of us think that electric vehicles leave zero emissions, in this article let’s find this out. Of course, electric vehicles produce zero emissions but what about the manufacturing of the vehicle and its battery. Even though the vehicle does not produce any emissions on driving but their manufacturing produces emissions. We will look into Electric Vehicle – Zero Emissions elaborately in this article.

Electric vehicle manufacturing
Production line of a Vehicle

Electric Vehicle – Zero Emissions

Manufacturing of both conventional and electric vehicles requires extraction of rare earth elements and processing of them using chemicals which produce lots of pollution. As we all know mining of rare earth elements is not a simple process. It requires high manpower and advanced machines which creates lots and lots of pollution.

The most pollution creating process is the manufacturing of lithium battery packs. The lithium is extracted from its ore by the process of mining and then they are purified using chemicals and then the anode materials and cathode materials are put in a cast and dried.

Battery Manufacturing
Production line of Battery Manufacturing


The problem arises when the life cycle of these batteries is finished, most of the countries are not concentrating on recycling these batteries. Most of them go to landfill and then when the landfill is burned it produces an enormous number of toxic gases.

emissions by lanfill
Burning Landfill

To prevent this, All the vehicle manufacturers should bring up a policy of taking back the batteries which are dead from the customers and ensuring that those battery packs are properly recycled and reused. Proper awareness should be made to the customers regarding recycling and reusing of battery packs. Even though we have enough worldwide reserves for rare earth elements for the next 185 years (Data by Deutsche bank) we should be aware of the pollution created by mining these rare earth elements

We can also reduce this by promoting public transport than each individual owning a vehicle. The pollution level is less in electric vehicles when compared to conventional vehicles but we can’t just simply say electric vehicles produce zero emissions. So, the answer to our question  “Electric Vehicle – Zero Emissions, Is this true?” is a big NO.

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