April 08, 2021

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Charging Station Infrastructure Requirements in India

charging station infrastructure requirements

Charging Station Infrastructure Requirements in India

The transport sector in India contributes over 142 million tonnes of c02 emissions annually out of which 123 million tonnes is contributed only by the road transport segment alone.

The only way to reduce this is to switch over to renewable energy resources i.e.., Electric vehicles. In this article let’s look into the infrastructure requirements and guidelines provided by the Indian government and charging station infrastructure requirements.

If this is the case then why India has not yet fully switched over to electric vehicles! One of the main reasons behind this is the requirement of adequate charging infrastructure.in India there is no adequate charging stations for the present on road electric vehicles.

charging station

The revised guidelines/standards for setting up a charging station were issued by the ministry of power on 1st October 2019. The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Private charging at residences/offices shall be permitted, Distribution companies may facilitate the same.
  2. Setting up a public charging station will be a de-licensed activity and any individual/entity is free to set up public charging stations provided that, such stations meet the technical, safety as well as performance standards and protocols laid down below as well as specifications laid down by Ministry of Power and Central Electricity Authority from time to time.
  3. Any person seeking to set up a public charging station may apply for connectivity and he shall be provided on priority by the Distribution Company licensee to supply power in the area.
  4. Any Charging station may also obtain electricity from any generation company through open access.

Public Charging Infrastructure requirements:

  1. An exclusive transformer with all related substation equipment including safety appliance, if required
  2. 33/11 KV line/cables with associated equipment including line termination etc., if required.
  3. Appropriate civil works
  4. Appropriate cabling and electrical works ensuring safety
  5. Adequate space for charging and entry/exit of vehicles
  6. Public charging station shall have, any one or more chargers or any combination of chargers from the table given below:

charging station requirements

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