June 15, 2024

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This New Car From Honda Can Charge In 15 Minutes

fast charging ev

Honda motors come up with a solution to reduce the charging time of EVs. The new concept car from Honda can be ready to drive in 15 minutes. These EVs would supposedly have high-capacity batteries capable of handling such ultra-fast charging. Honda unveils its fast charging EV.

Honda Unveils Fast Charging EV

fast charging ev

Honda enters into the EV market with something big. Honda plans to launch their new line of E-Car in 2022, each with a range of 240km from a single 15-minute charge. This is an appreciable thing where a lot of EVs took 6 to 8 hours time to charge. Meanwhile, the new technology from Honda will reduce the charging time to 80%.

Honda’s supercharging technology

Honda’s supercharging technology, coupled with their dynamic charging system, could potentially change the EV game. The longer time charging of electric vehicles showing negative impacts where the petrol and diesel cars need just a few minutes to refill the tanks.

fast charging ev

If the Honda’s fast charging EV technology got successful, the other car makers can improve the battery and charging systems in their respective EVs. Hoping Honda reserved a place for 2022 to lead the EV industry.

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