May 03, 2021

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Techo Electra to launch Saathi electric bike

Electric bike

Techo Electra to launch Saathi electric bike

A Pune based electric two-wheeler manufacturer Techo Electra has added a new electric bike in its portfolio. The bike seems to be the rival of the recently launched electric Gemopai Miso.

Electric bike

This electric bike is more like a moped not like a full-fledged electric motorcycle. Back in 2019, the company were in talks to launch an FZ-styled electric bike at the end of the 2019 but due to the coronavirus pandemic, there seems to change in the plans.

The company haven’t released any of the specifications yet but we can assume that the electric bike looks are similar to the Gemopai electric bike Miso which has been launched recently.

While we look at the specifications of Gemopai Miso mini e-scooter it provides a range of 75km on a full charge and its battery can be charged to 90 per cent in just 2 hours. It has a max speed of 25 kmph. It has a 48V, 1kW detachable Li-ion battery. It has a 250W motor power. We can assume that Techo Electra’s upcoming electric bike will also have somewhere similar specifications. 

India’s first social distancing electric scooter ‘Miso’ launched

The design and the silhouette look similar to it. The Saathi electric bike has got a retro square headlamp design with a projector light inside. It has a square DRL and there are telescopic front forks and likely a side-mounted shock absorber at the rear. We can also see disc brakes at the front and the rear which is linked by CBS and regenerative braking. The bikes’ front wheel can be a 12-inch and the rear one might be 10 inches. The overall weight of the bike might be less than 80 kgs.

The bike is completely ready to launch and the company can announce it at any time. Currently, Techo Electra sells three scooters such as Emerge, Raptor and Neo in India.


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