December 05, 2022

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StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries charges in 5 minutes 

For an electric vehicle, one of the major challenges is charging time. But a company called StoreDot from Israel successful in charging an electric scooter battery in Just 5 minutes. Let us know more about StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries in detail in this article. 

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries

In 2019, they gave a live demo to audiences and successfully charged a 60 km range battery pack in just 5 minutes 5 seconds. StoreDot has used extreme fast charging technology XFC to make this 5 minutes charging possible.

The company got 57 patents and 45 pending for its XFC technology. In general, electric vehicles works with electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs which include hundreds to thousand battery cells. Some of the battery challenges are driving range, battery cost and weight, but charging time remains the major obstacle to the mass adoption of EVs.

To overcome that, StoreDot comes with nanotechnology. In a lithium-ion battery, graphite anode is replaced with silicon to handle the extreme charge along with organic blinders and electrolyte additives to produce lower resistance batteries that can simultaneously optimise charging speed, capacity and battery life.

The ultra-fast charging is done using a high electric current along with a cooling system for heat dissipation. Currently, a StoreDot battery can provide 17 miles of range in one minute which is 500% faster than existing battery technology. The company aims to increase the speed to 25 miles per minute by 2028. 

In terms of safety, the battery architecture is built with a highly stable electrode structure and contains materials that are far less flammable and more stable at high temperatures than traditional Li-ion technology, improving safety and battery cycle life.

Not just EVs, in this covid pandemic, most of the countries relies on drones for delivering goods and for sanitizing purposes. But, drone batteries need 1 hour of time to charge, store do extreme fast charging tech, the time from 1 hr to 5 minutes using an autonomous charging station at a rate 12 times faster than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

It has raised a total of $140 million in four financing rounds. StoreDot’s strategic investors include BP, Daimler, Samsung Ventures, and TDK. New charging stations need to set up for the new generation batteries, costing between $1,500 and $10,000 depending on capacity. These batteries have charge cycles of 3000 to 3500. 

Recently, the Israeli electric company has been approved by NASA to conduct the first space-based research and development program into new batter materials. StoreDot is aiming to commerical launch its XFC batteries by 2025. Definitely, this technology will bring a revolution in the EV industry once it is massively produced.

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