June 09, 2023

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NYX hx electric scooter review 

NYX hx electric scooter

NYX hx electric scooter review 

Nyx Hx is available in three variants currently. The first variant Nyx er range is 60km, the second variant Nyx er range is 120 km and the third variant Nyx er range is 200 km. Currently, Hero Electric is selling Hero Nyx with a 200 km of range to b2b partners. Let us now discuss more in detail about NYX hx electric scooter. 

NYX hx electric scooter

NYX hx electric scooter features 

Firstly, the scooter looks rugged in terms of design and the scooter body is 70% made with fibre plastic and 30% is made with metal, which is the chassis and battery compartment. It is available in 2 colours silver and black. The scooter height is medium and the seat is comfortable enough to accompany the rider and Pillion.

The footboard is wide and comfortable to sit in while riding. This electric scooter is mainly designed for delivery purposes like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon and Flipkart delivery agents. The footboard space is very wide, it is more than the Hero Flash electric scooter footboard space.

Also, there is a bottle holder and a USB port for mobile charging. A small hanger to keep bags and mini boot space as well. We need to mainly discuss hx rear seat because it can be adjustable and used for multiple purposes. In case of luggage, you can lift the seat and keep a bag there or else you need to pull it back to use as a pillion seat. This option is useful for people who carry loads at the front side, there are telescopic suspension dual shock absorbers at the rear.

Also, there are both centre stand and side stand present in this scooter. But we found difficulty while using the centre stand, we suggest you use its side stand. Coming to the scooter instrument cluster and you can see speed, battery percentage and odometer in it. The dashboard is small but you can see enough details in it.

Nyx hx technical specifications

Now coming to scooter lighting, at the front, there is an oval shape Led headlight, and the indicators come with halogen lights. On the rear side also there is a halogen light.

Now coming to the scooter technical specifications, the Nyx hx can run with a top speed of 45 km/h. It works with a 600-watt bldc hub motor, the peak power is 1200 watts and it is protected with ip65 water and dust proof. The battery capacity is 51.2 v 30ah two batteries 3 kWh lithium-ion. Its maximum range is 120 km and its charging time is 4 hours. The power consumption will be 3 units for a full charge. Its loading capacity is 150 kg.

NYX hx electric scooter

Coming to its battery

The lithium-ion battery is non-removable and under the seat, there is enough boot space to keep a charger. The interesting fact is that it has separate battery packs and two separate charging points, at a time you can charge two battery packs. Also, the power distribution of the battery is one after another pack.

Now let us check out this scooter test ride review

  • Scooter acceleration is steady and medium.
  • Telescopic suspension and dual shock absorbers provide a Comfortable ride experience
  • The led dashboard visibility is medium under the sunlight.
  • It’s braking, the front and rear disk brakes performance is good
  • Licence, registration and insurance are mandatory.

Price & warranty 

Hero NYX hx is available in all the major cities in India. The ex-showroom price of this scooter is 80,000 rupees after accessories, insurance, onroad price is 90,000 rupees. 

You will get 3 years warranty on the battery motor and scooter. 5 years insurance, 1 year comprehensive and 4 years third party insurance. After the complete review, we can say Hero NYX hx is a good option for delivery agents. 

Also, watch the video here

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