June 08, 2023

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STMicroelectronics partners Arrival for leading-edge semiconductor technologies for EVs

STMicroelectronics partners Arrival

STMicroelectronics partners Arrival for leading-edge semiconductor technologies for EVs

STMicroelectronics a global semiconductor leader announced its collaboration with Arrival the global technology company that manufactures electric vehicles to provide leading-edge semiconductor technologies and products for Arrival’s vehicles. Read further about STMicroelectronics partners Arrival. 

The Arrival’s vehicles include automotive microcontrollers and power and battery-management devices. Both companies partnership will use ST’s Technology to the Arrival’s customers with eco-friendly options. It has selected high performance, secured automotive microcontrollers for their modular ECU platform and also the smart power and battery-management devices for efficient vehicle electrification from ST.

STMicroelectronics partners Arrival

Arrival has Van, Bus and car in its portfolio a car is recently announced which is been in partnership with Uber ride-hailing. Arrival will purchase up to 10,000 electric vehicles from UPS and later this year it will have trials of its vehicles.

“We have been working with Arrival since their early stages, and we are proud of the journey accomplished together as they head towards production,” said Michael Anfang, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Europe, Middle East and Africa Region at STMicroelectronics. “ST is a broad-based technology supplier for the mobility industry’s transition to electrified and digitalized platforms. This collaboration with a leading new entrant on the market is a testament to our ability to support various operating models. Arrival’s vehicles using ST technology will be an additional step towards our shared vision of cleaner mobility”.

“STMicroelectronics is producing some of the best technology on the market today. At Arrival, choosing the most advanced technologies for our vehicles is crucial to extending the life of our products, improving their value whilst making them even more sustainable by extending their usable life,” said Sergey Malygin, EVP of Technology at Arrival.

Arrival unveiled its electric van

Recently, Arrival has unveiled its electric van. The Arrival Van is expected to start full production in Q3 2022. The company said in a statement that it has set a new standard for commercial vehicles by introducing a fully electric van that can play a role of both payloads that is having a capacity of 1975kg and a cargo volume of 2.4m3 per metre in length that is lower in price when compared to ICE vehicle.

It is having a modular battery ranging from 44kWh to 133kWh, consumers can choose the battery capacity based on their requirements. It has some key features such as digital e-mirrors, a 360-degree surround view, advanced emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition and lane keep assist.

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