May 23, 2024

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Solo single-seat passenger electric car arrived in LA

Solo single-seat passenger electric

Solo single-seat passenger electric car arrived in LA

Solo, a single-seat passenger electric car has just arrived in Los Angeles which aims to single or solo commutes. As per the U.S Census Bureau, about 90 per cent of people travel by car, truck, van or motorcycle drives alone.

To make the commuters easy and think small, the Solo car is the best option for solo commuters. Paul Rivera, chief executive of the SOLO’s manufacturer, ElectraMeccanica, asked “Why have three or four empty seats in a vehicle?”

Solo single-seat passenger electric

“Think of all the things you do by yourself. You go to the gym, get bagels, get your groceries. There are so many things you do in a vehicle that is sized for the maximum number of passengers when most of the time you’re not using it.”

Isn’t it amazing! let us look into its features and technical terms. It has 2 doors, 3 wheels and batteries that gives a top speed of 80 miles per hour. It is providing a range of 100 miles on a single charge. Its unique features are that it can solve the traffic problems. It just takes a quarter space of an SUV.

From front it looks like a car with grille and headlights and from the back, you can see its one wheel. It is fully enclosed motorcycle and it is it’s registered and insured in California. An interesting thing about this car-motorcycle is that the drivers do not need a license to drive it.

It has comforts of air conditioning, heated seats, a stereo, Bluetooth, a back-up camera, even a trunk.
Coming to its safety features, the company has added multiple features to enhance its safety, including a seatbelt, roll bar, triple side impacts protection at the shoulder, knee and foot and torque-limited stability control for the rear wheel.

It is priced at $18,500, the SOLO is eligible for a $750 rebate from the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project but it is not eligible for a federal tax credit.

Solo single-seat passenger electric

The company ElectraMeccanica based in Vancouver, British Columbia’s first and current market is only at Los Angeles and the company is planning to expand to the rest of the country within two years. The newest version of the SOLO is manufactured in China, in partnership with the motorcycle maker Zongshen Industrial Group. The ElectraMeccanica plans to set up a North American assembly facility within the next two years.

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