May 23, 2024

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Self-driving electric car for ride-sharing unveiled by GM Cruise

Self-driving electric car

Cruise LLC is an autonomous car startup majority-owned by General Motors Co., It has unveiled its all-electric self-driving shuttle (autonomous ride-sharing service). The shuttle is named as Origin, is designed to provide its passengers more space and passenger-friendly than a convention, human-driven car. The vehicle is made in the partnership between GM’s startup and Honda.

Self-driving electric car for ride-sharing unveiled by GM Cruise

The autonomous electric vehicle is silver, squared-off the vehicle and doesn’t have any controls such as pedals and steering wheel. It has a lot of space for multiple people to get in and share rides.

The Cruise Chief Executive Officer Dan Ammann said that “The Cruise Origin is powered by a brand-new, all-electric platform built by General Motors. It’s got what’s called redundancy, meaning there are no single points of failure across sensing, compute, networking, or power-because there’s no backup human driver.”

Self-driving electric car

Self-driving electric car

This vehicle is an opportunity for Cruise and GM to get into selling services. If this model work, the companies can develop a profitable business that removes the transportation systems that pollutes the air and congest traffic.

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The Ammann claims that the vehicle developed by Cruise, GM and Honda Motor Co., is inexpensive, it will cost you only half when compared to the conventional sport utility vehicle (SUV) does. The autonomous vehicle can run for 1 million miles and is functional day and night which helps in getting good revenue.

“We’re on track to crack the superhuman threshold in urban environments, and expect to be well past that threshold by the time the Cruise Origin enters production. We’re looking at safer roads on day one,” he added. 

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