July 10, 2020

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EVs Self-driving technology & Startups working on it in India-Part-II

EVs Self-driving technology & Startups

EVs Self-driving technology & Startups working on in it India-Part-II

As we have already discussed in our earlier article about what is self-driving technology and startups working on in part-ILet us directly jump to EVs Self-driving technology & Startups. 

EVs Self-driving technology & Startups 

Hi Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd

Hi Tech Robotic Systemz ltd is a Gurgaon based startup developed a complete autonomous electric vehicle, Novus-Drive and it was launched for the first time in the Auto Expo Motor show 2016 in India.

This is uniquely designed for universities and large office campuses, Trade shows and exhibitions, group housing societies, amusement parks and recreational areas, hospitals, resorts and golf courses, retirement communities. 

EVs Self-driving technology & Startups

The Passengers can set destination on the map and check details of the destination drop off location. There is also a snooze button for making the vehicle stop. It has a Cloud-based intelligent for a fleet management system and audio/visual alerts in case of emergencies.

It offers core competencies in machine learning, sensor fusion, computer vision technologies, motion planning and control among others.


The startup provides cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing to help to reduce the accidents by creating a new safe driving standard for commercial vehicles.

It is founded by Avneesh Agarwal, a former Qualcomm Inc. president for India and South Asia, and David Julian, a former principal engineer at the US-based chip-maker. The company uses artificial intelligence to improve the road and driver safety.

EVs Self-driving technology & Startups

Netradyne is based out of Bengaluru and San Diego, US. It offers a powerful camera that analyses the driving patterns and helps to recognise the reasons for the accident.

The device the company is created is the Driveri is the size of the soap bar and is equipped to the vehicle’s rearview mirror and rests on the inside of the windscreen.

EVs Self-driving technology & Startups

IISc & Wipro Joint venture making an autonomous electric car

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and IT major Wipro Ltd have joined their hands to make a driverless, autonomous car for Indian road conditions which is said to be rollout in March 2020.

The collaboration of one year and three years of efforts to build the autonomous car at Wipro. The car is built with the help of the data for roads in Europe and the US.

This effort is meant to take both to the frontiers of new technology such as automation, robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neuromorphic systems. Driverless cars in Indian roads is impossible as it has a lot of traffic, damage roads, the behaviour of people, accident rates and street animals etc, in spite of all the hurdles the IISC and Wipro decided to make a driverless car for India.

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